WBO Champ Juan Manuel Marquez accused of using Steroids

juan-manuel-marquez-steroidsJuan Manuel Marquez (56-7-1, 40 KO’s) added another huge victory to his storied career after winning a unanimous decision over Mike Alvarado. This wasn’t just any win either as Marquez completely dismantled his opponent, en route to judges scoring the bout 117-109, 117-109 and 119-108.

Thanks to the WBO Welterweight Title belt that he gained from Alvarado, Marquez is on his way to becoming the first Mexican to win title bets in five different divisions. He’s also one of the few guys who can boast of a victory over Manny Pacquiao. But before we go on touting the accomplishments of Marquez, it’s worth mentioning that some steroid accusations are currently being hurled his way.

The most noteworthy accusations are coming via Victor Conte, who became infamous during baseball’s BALCO scandal. Now it appears as if Conte is the one casting stones as he launched a twitter barrage against Marquez over his chest acne:

Wonder if we may start 2 see betting odds suddenly change b4 future fights based upon pimples observed on a boxer at the weigh-in?

Does boxing know that elevated testosterone levels in teen males can cause acne

Did we not learn from MLB? Athletes don’t get bigger stronger faster the older they get naturally

If a boxer walks & quacks like a duck, boxing promoters decide 2 look the other way? The PED problem is growing!

Can’t help but wonder if @bobarum believes Marquez is a clean fighter? IMO Memo @guruscience needs investigation. If it walks & quacks…


You can see that Conte is obviously convinced that Marquez’s impressive, 40-year-old physique and chest pimples are signs that the boxing champion is cheating. Moreover, Conte believes that boxing has a much larger problem with doping. But not everybody agrees that a great physique at an older age means a boxer is automatically juicing.

BoxingNews24 writer John Kelvin is one person who doesn’t buy into the belief that Marquez is using steroids. In fact, he thinks that people need to spend more time appreciating Marquez’s career. Below you can see a couple of things that Kelvin wrote as a rebuttal to the steroid accusations:

This accusation has been floating around since Marquez linked up with strength and conditioning coach Angel Heredia, before his knockout victory over his great rival Manny Pacquiao. Juan Manuel Marquez has never failed a drug test in his career, so there is no evidence to suggest that he is doing anything illegal. It is disrespectful of some fans to throw such such damaging accusations at a great fighter who has given so many great nights and fights to the world. Marquez has got to the level he is at in his career due to hard work, determination and discipline.

Prior to his fight against Mike Alvarado, fans were highlighting the acne on Marquez’s chest as another sign of alleged illegal supplement taking.  That acne could have been a result of almost anything, such as a rash. The most common cause is that Marquez is 40 years old and his body may simply be changing as a result of aging. That is what happens when you age, your body begins to change as some of the people reading this will know.

Like Kelvin points out, Marquez only has a few fights left in his career. So unless it can be proven that he’s juicing, Conte and fans may be off-base by quickly jumping to conclusions about the chest acne that he displayed leading up to the Alvarado bout.

One of Marquez’s final fights may be a fifth match against Pacquiao. Both fighters have been accused of juicing, so Kelvin’s plea for appreciation will likely fall on deaf ears. In their four-match series thus far, Pacquaio holds the edge with a 2-1-1 record. But the last victory belongs to Marquez, thus setting the stage for a mega-payday if these two meet in the ring once more.

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