Cavs vs Raptors Betting Game 3

raptors-cavs-betting-game-3The Toronto Raptors hoped to come out with more fire after losing the opening game of their series with Cleveland by 31 points. For the most part, Toronto did have a better effort, but they still lost 108-89 in another blowout.

Some concern has been expressed about the Raptors’ star point guard, Kyle Lowry, who hasn’t looked like himself this series. He continued his poor performance in Game 2, hitting just 4-of-14 shots, including 1-for-8 from three-point range.

Toronto will be looking for a boost as they head home to the Air Canada Centre, where they were 32-9 during the regular season. But will home-court advantage be enough to reverse what has been a terrible series for this team so far? You can find out as we analyze Game 3 between the Raptors and Cavs. line for Game 2 (May 21 at 8:30pm EST)
Toronto (-110)
Cleveland -5 (-110)

Why the Raptors will cover the Spread

With center Jonas Valančiūnas still out with an ankle injury, there’s no help on the way for Toronto. The only boost that the Raptors are getting is home court for the third contest. Will this be enough?

raptors-cavs-betting-game-3-1Much of this depends upon how well Toronto shoots because they’ve only hit 40% of their shots through the first two games. They’ve been particularly bad from beyond the arc, making only 14 of their 57 three-pointers (24.6%).

Reversing this troubling trend will mainly hinge on Lowry, who’s just 1-for-16 from three-point range in the series. The cameras and commentators focused on the All-Star as he went back to the locker room to “clear his head.” Obviously things aren’t going well for him now, but the good news is that he only has room to improve in the next contest.

One guy who doesn’t need to improve much, though, is DeMar DeRozan, who’s made 17 out of 35 shots (48.6%) in the first two games. This is a big upgrade for how he was shooting in series with the Pacers and Heat. Some of the bench players like James Johnson, Cory Joseph and Terrence Ross have also played pretty good.

Eventually shots will start falling for Toronto and give them an energy boost on defense, which has been another concern. When this happens, the Raptors have the talent to compete with Cleveland.

Why the Cavs will cover the Spread

Once again Cleveland came out and put together an excellent effort on both ends of the floor. LeBron James especially had a good night, recording a triple-double with 23 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

cavs-raptors-betting-game-2Of course, LeBron hasn’t been the only Cavs player doing well since Kyrie Irving had yet another good night, scoring a team-high 26 points on 12-for-22 shooting. Kevin Love added 19 points on 5-of-8 shooting along with 8 free throws.

Besides scoring, Cleveland has also gained an edge on the boards and with turnovers. They grabbed 46 rebounds to Toronto’s 38 last game, which wasn’t as dominant as Game 2, but still enough to prevent second-chance points. They also turned the ball over just 9 times compared to the Raptors’ 12 turnovers.

We could go on about what Cleveland is doing right and the outstanding performances by some of their individuals. But to make a long story short, the Cavs just need to continue what they’re doing to pound this worn-down Raptors team.

Prediction for Cavs vs Raptors Game 3

raptors-cavs-bettingCleveland has covered large spreads of -10.5 and -12 in the first two contests, and now they only have to cover -5. Of course, the key question here is whether Toronto will hit shots any better on their home floor and draw energy from the crowd. We want to say yes, but it’s also hard to ignore the fact that Cleveland has won the Games 1 and 2 by an average of 25 points. So while we see this being a closer game, expect the Cavs to pull away at the end.

Final Score: Cavs 104 – Raptors 97
Betting Prediction:
Bet on Cleveland to cover the -5 spread

Cavs vs Raptors Game 2 Betting

cavs-raptors-game-2-bettingThe Cleveland Cavaliers are heavily favored in their series with the Toronto Raptors, but few expected the obliteration that occurred in the first game. Cleveland built a 66-44 lead by halftime and never looked threatened en route to a 115-84 victory over Toronto.

Part of the problem was the Raptors’ inability to keep Cleveland out of the lane. A perfect example of this included LeBron James making his first nine shots – all of which were within a couple feet of the rim.

Of course, some of this lethargy might be explained by Toronto having just a day off in between their 7-game series with Miami and playing the Cavs. Now that they’re settled into Cleveland and both teams are coming off last night’s game, can we expect a better performance from the Raptors? Moreover, can they at least beat the spread? Find out as we analyze Game 2 of this series below. line for Game 2 (May 19 at 8:30pm EST)
Toronto (-110)
Cleveland -12 (-110)

Why the Raptors will cover the Spread

Based on the first contest, nobody’s opinion that Toronto is a massive underdog has changed. However, that certainly doesn’t mean this team won’t improve, especially when it comes to their shooting.

cavs-raptors-bettingAs a team, Toronto made just 42.1% of their shots, including a horrendous 5-for-24 (20.8%) from the three-point line. Kyle Lowry was a big part of this poor shooting effort as he made only 4-of-14 shots, including 0-of-7 from downtown. DeMarre Carroll (1-for-5), Terrence Ross (1-for-5) and Cory Joseph (1-for-6) didn’t shoot well either.

Cleveland is already the more-talented team, so hitting more shots will be key for Toronto. And DeMar DeRozan was at least up to the task, making 9-of-17 attempts for 18 points. If he and Lowry can both be on at the same time, then Toronto not only has a chance to cover the spread, but also win the game.

Another key for the Raptors will be getting to the free throw line. They did shoot 20 free throws, however, only four of these attempts came from the starting unit. What’s more troubling is that neither DeRozan nor Lowry made it to the line once. This has to change for Toronto, and these two must be more aggressive in driving to the hoop while not settling for jump shots.

One more area where the Raptors can improve is rebounding since they collected just 23 boards to Cleveland’s 45 last game. Expect Bismack Biyombo (4 rebounds) and Patrick Patterson (2 rebounds) to be far more active on the boards this time around. Assuming the Raptors can better control the glass and shoot well, then they have a good chance to cover the spread.

Why the Cavs will cover the Spread

12 points is a lot to cover no matter how heavily you’re favored. But you can justify the -12 spread when considering that Cleveland was fully in command of the first contest.

cavs-raptors-betting-game-2The Cavs, who earned the billing of a three-point-shooting team in their series with Atlanta, made their mark in the paint this time. Kyrie Irving (11-for-17) and LeBron (11-for-13) had no trouble getting to the hoop against a Toronto team that’s normally solid defensively. Even with off-nights from important players like JR Smith (1-for-5) and Tristan Thompson (1-for-4), Cleveland shot 55.4% from the floor.

Given how many points they scored inside, expect the Raptors to pack the paint this time around, allowing the Cavs’ three-point shooters to get more wide-open looks. This should allow Kevin Love, Channing Frye and Smith to get some clean three-pointers.

Another thing going in Cleveland’s favor is that they just seem to be the deeper team at this point. They have no major injuries and their bench rotation of Iman Shumpert, Richard Jefferson, Matthew Dellavedova and Frye outplayed Ross, Joseph and James Johnson. There really doesn’t seem to be one area where the Raptors have an advantage at this point.

Prediction for Cavs vs Raptors Game 2

Cleveland has the home floor again and the same lineup going that obliterated Toronto in the first contest. However, the Cavs also don’t have much to improve upon from the first game, which could hurt them a little in Game 2. Meanwhile, the Raptors have all sorts of improvement to make, including rebounding, shooting and driving inside. We don’t think Toronto will win, but they may at least keep the game within 10 points or less.

Final Score: Cleveland 107 – Toronto 99
Betting Prediction:
Bet on the Raptors to cover their +12 spread

Cavs vs Raptors Playoffs Betting

cavs-raptors-bettingThe Toronto Raptors finished off a depleted Miami team with a dominating 116-89 victory at home. They now move on to face the Cleveland Cavaliers, who’ve been waiting a week for the Toronto/Miami series to finish.

Cleveland has looked as good as they have all season, sweeping their first two series against the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks. What’s more is that, as opposed to last year, Cleveland is totally healthy at this point in the season. So it should be little surprise that the Cavs are heavily favored to win this series.

But can the Raptors give them a run? Moreover, will Toronto be able to cover any of the spreads? Find out as we discuss the upcoming series between the Raptors and Cavs. line on Game 1 (May 17 at 8:30pm EST)
No. 2 Toronto (-110)
No. 1 Cleveland -10.5 (-110)

Head-to-head: Toronto won the season series 2-1

Why the Raptors will win this Series

The talk surrounding Toronto lately is that their stars, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan haven’t played well. This wasn’t the case in Game 7, though, as they combined for 63 points to toast Miami.

Lowry was particularly impressive as he made 11-of-20 shots, including 5-of-7 three-pointers, en route to scoring 35 points. He also dished out 9 assists and grabbed 7 rebounds to put in an all-around effort.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Dallas MavericksDeRozan also had a pretty good game with 28 points on 12-of-29 shooting and 8 rebounds. If this team has any chance at beating the Cavs, Lowry and DeRozan must continue to play like this.

Even with center Jonas Valančiūnas possibly done for the playoffs, Toronto didn’t skip a beat with Bismack Biyombo manning the middle. The Congolese big man scored 17 points, grabbed 16 rebounds and blocked two shots. If Biyombo can outplay Tristan Thompson, this would be a huge plus for the Raptors.

DeMarre Carroll has also been stepping his game up too, scoring 14 points on 4-of-5 shooting. Many wondered how quickly he’d come back after missing 56 games during the regular season. The good news for Toronto is that Carroll is looking more and more like his old self.

For Toronto, the key will be Lowry and DeRozan shooting the lights out and opening up opportunities for the role players. If they can do this, then they have a chance.

Why the Cavs will win this Series

Many questioned whether Cleveland was the best team in the East in the last two months of the regular season. After all, they struggled at times against good competition and only beat out Toronto by one game for the East’s top spot.

cavs-raptors-betting-1All that talk has disappeared, though, as the Cavaliers have flipped a switch that has them looking like a possible NBA champion. Assuming Golden State can beat Oklahoma City, there’s been a lot of talk about if the Cavs might even topple the Warriors. Of course, first thing’s first, but nobody is really wondering if they can get by Toronto.

That’s because LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are finally looking like the dominant Big 3 that everybody expected when they came together two years ago. This team is also rested and healthy, making it seem like a major injury would need to happen for the Raptors to have any chance.

As of now, the question isn’t if the Cavs will beat Toronto, it’s when. The team up north has a very good squad this year, and they could be better with a fully integrated Carroll and healthy Valančiūnas. But 2016 just doesn’t seem like the year for Toronto.

Prediction on Cavs vs Raptors

Milwaukee Bucks v Cleveland CavaliersWe like the Raptors’ scoring duo of Lowry and DeRozan because they’re more than capable of leading this team to victory in any contest. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if one or both of them gets hot enough to lead Toronto to at least one win. However, the Cavs, led by LeBron, Irving, Love and several good role players, look like a match for the Warriors now. So don’t expect them to have much trouble dispatching the Raptors.

Series Prediction: Cleveland wins the series 4-1

Betting Advice: The Cavs will need to cover some big spreads, especially at home. But we certainly think that they have the defense and offense to do so. As for the -10.5 spread on Game 1, Cleveland is rested and ready for a Toronto team that’s coming off two 7-game series.