Underdogs faring Well in First Round of 2014 NBA Playoffs

2014-nba-playoffs-underdogsHome court advantage is always nice in the NBA Playoffs. But it by no means guarantees a team of winning a series. Case in point, just look at the insanity that we’re witnessing in the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs right now:

Eastern Conference

#1 Seed Indiana Pacers – 2 Wins
#8 Seed Atlanta Hawks – 3 Wins

#4 Seed Chicago Bulls – 1 Win
#5 Seed Washington Wizards – 4 Wins, advances to conference semifinals

#3 Seed Toronto Raptors – 2 Wins
#6 Seed Brooklyn Nets – 2 Wins

#2 Seed Miami Heat Р4 Wins, advances to conference semifinals
#7 Seed Charlotte Bobcats – 0 Wins

Western Conference

#1 Seed San Antonio Spurs – 2 Wins
#8 Seed Dallas Mavericks – 2 Wins

#4 Seed Houston Rockets – 1 Win
#5 Seed Portland Trailblazers – 3 Wins

#3 Seed L.A. Clippers – 3 Wins
#6 Seed Golden State Warriors – 2 Wins

#2 Seed Oklahoma City Thunder – 2 Wins
#7 Seed Memphis Grizzlies – 3 Wins

2014-nba-playoffs-underdogs-1As you can see, the only favorite to finish off their series so far is the Miami Heat. The underdog Wizards are the lone other team that’s advanced to the conference semifinals.

As for the rest, the top seeds in both conferences are struggling to win, with Indiana actually on the ropes as they head to Atlanta for Game 6. Oklahoma City, the West’s number-two seed, is in a similar situation to Indiana as they face elimination in Memphis.

The number-three seeds are also locked in struggles. Toronto is tied up with Brooklyn while the Clippers lead Golden State by one game. As for the latter, L.A. has actually hung tough when you consider the terrible ordeal they’ve gone through regarding Donald Sterling’s racist comments.

Finally, we come to the Houston Rockets – everybody’s dark horse to win the NBA Championship at the start of the season. You have to feel for Houston because they’ve lost three games by a combined 12 points. And their inability to win three close contests has them now needing to win three straight games. Only eight teams have rallied from a 3-1 deficit, so the Rockets will have to join historic company if they want to advance to the semifinals.

All in all, the 2014 NBA Playoffs have already offered plenty of excitement and upsets. Both the Hawks and Grizzlies are on the verge of HUGE upsets, while a few other underdogs are also within striking distance. That said, there’s never been a better time to go with the underdogs when betting on the NBA Playoffs. So if you have a good feeling about one of the series that we’ve covered so far, then put down a little money on it.