New LeGarrette Blount Conspiracy surrounds Patriots

legarrette-blount-conspiracyAlthough Deflate-gate is far from a dead matter, it appears that the fallout from this scandal won’t affect the New England Patriots’ spot in Super Bowl XLIX. Regardless, it seems that the Patriots just can’t avoid the conspiracy theories as they head towards their matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. And the latest potential scandal surrounding the team involves their running back, LeGarrette Blount.

For the first 11 games of the season, Blount played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and backed up Le’Veon Bell. He got 65 carries and totaled 266 yards and two rushing TD’s, before heading to the bus early during a game and later getting cut. At the time, it seemed like a career-destroying move and nobody would want to touch the 250-pound power runner this year. However, New England scooped Blount up and had him carrying the ball the following weekend.

Was it just coincidence that the Patriots needed a reliable first-string back at the same time that Blount wanted out of an unfavorable situation? Or is there more to the quick timing of New England’s late-season signing?

These were the type of questions that Blount was dodging during Tuesday’s media day in Arizona. In particular, here’s what he was asked and his responses (or lack thereof):

“Did you know you had a job with New England before you left Pittsburgh?”

Blount: Smiles without answering

“Why would you leave if you didn’t know in the back of your mind that they were waiting to call you?”

Blount: Smiles, laughs and says, “I don’t know nothing.”

legarrette-blount-patriots-2014If the Patriots organization, or someone around it, had contact with Blount prior to the signing, he’s obviously not telling anybody. But it’s clear that he’s happy going from Bell’s backup on a solid playoff team to one of the stars on New England’s Super Bowl squad.

There’s little doubt that Blount at least stayed in contact with his former Patriots teammates, including one-time starter Stevan Ridley, whose mid-October injury put him out of commission.

“I stayed close with a lot of guys,” Blount explained. “I stayed close with Ridley. I stayed close with Shane [Vereen]. I stayed close with all of my running backs. I stayed close with Devin [McCourty]. I stayed close with a lot of guys. Like I said, it’s a close-knit team. It’s really like a brotherhood. They supported me through everything that I’ve been through.”

However, Blount ultimately landed back in New England and it’s pretty clear that he’ll be a huge part of the gameplan next Monday night. And if you’re going to do some Super Bowl 49 betting, then you’ll definitely want to consider Blount’s involvement and how he balances out an attack that includes Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski in the passing game. Will this, combined with Bill Belichick’s gameplan, be enough to topple the defending champion Seattle Seahawks? We’ll have to see when Super Bowl XLIX plays out in less than a week.

2015 Super Bowl Betting

seattle-new-england-super-bowl-bettingThe 2015 Super Bowl is now set, with the Seattle Seahawks taking on the New England Patriots. There are very interesting stories behind both teams’ rise to Super Bowl XLIX, but for entirely different reasons.

In the case of the Patriots, they booked their ticket to Glendale, Arizona via a dominating 45-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. However, their win has since been marred by what’s been dubbed “Deflate-gate.” Folliowing the game, an investigation revealed that 11 of the 12 footballs that the Patriots used during the AFC Championship game were deflated. It’s since been said that Tom Brady had the balls deflated so that he could get a better grip in the rainy weather. Some are so outraged by the incident that they’re calling for New England to be banned from playing in the big game.

That’s unlikely to happen, meaning they’ll still face the defending champion Seahawks, who edged Green Bay in a 28-22 overtime contest. This game seemed to be Green Bay’s as they led 19-7 and intercepted Russell Wilson midway through the fourth quarter. But somehow, Seattle dug deep and staged an impressive comeback that pushed the game to overtime and gave them a chance to defend their title.

Both teams come into this contest highly decorated, as you can see from our very close line at

New England Patriots -1 (-110)
Seattle Seahawks (-110)

Just based on the 2015 Super Bowl betting line alone, you can see that this is expected to be a tight contest. New England is playing in their sixth Super Bowl with Tom Brady at QB and Bill Belichick as head coach. Meanwhile, Seattle hopes to become the first team in a decade to win consecutive Super Bowl titles.

A week ago, Seattle seemed like an unstoppable force, anchored by their stout defense. However, they struggled mightily with Green Bay and, overall, looked like the inferior team in the NFC Championship. Will this scare motivate Seattle to get back to their dominate ways?

russell-wilsonIt mostly depends upon Russell Wilson, who, prior to the NFC Championship, held the best postseason passer rating of all time. But he had a disastrous game, throwing four interceptions before rallying his team for 15 points in the final 2:09 of regulation. Regardless of how Wilson plays, though, Seattle knows for sure that they can count on their “Legion of Boom” defense to deliver once again. Furthermore, running back Marshawn Lynch should have some exciting plays left in him too.

Assuming the Patriots hadn’t crushed the Colts so badly, maybe they wouldn’t be favored at online sportsbooks. However, they did, and the Pats displayed a truly all-around offensive attack while doing so. From Brady to LeGarrette Blount to Rob Gronkowski, this offense is impossible to stop at times.

But it’s worth mentioning that New England has something to offer on the other side of the ball too. They held star QB Andrew Luck to 12-of-33 passing, 126 yards, two interceptions and a 23.0 passer rating – his lowest of the year.

Taking everything into account, both the Patriots and Colts appear to be worthy title contenders. So it’ll definitely be interesting to see how things play out from a betting perspective.

Final Score Prediction: New England 24-20

2015 Super Bowl Bets Available

Tom BradyWe’re exactly one month away from the 2015 Super Bowl, which takes place on February 1st. But if you’d like to get your Super Bowl betting started a little early, then it’s worth mentioning that is already running lines on who’ll be in Arizona next month. We have three different categories for you to bet on – some of them only for a limited time – so let’s get right to what’s available.

2015 Super Bowl – To Win Bets

At the time of this writing, there are 12 teams still alive for the Lombardi Trophy. So GTBets is currently featuring odds on all 12 teams to win the coveted trophy. Keep in mind that the number of available odds will dwindle as the 2015 NFL Playoffs advance, but here are a few of the top teams available from the group:

New Engalnd – 12/5 odds to win
Seattle – 12/5 odds to win
Denver – 6/1 odds to win
Green Bay – 23/4 odds to win
Dallas – 17/2 odds to win

There’s little surprise here, with the NFC and AFC’s top seeds also having the best odds to win on the betting lines. But if you’re looking for some value, and don’t mind taking a road underdog, then you might consider the Detroit Lions, who currently sit at 40/1 odds.

2015 Super Bowl – Exact Matchup

2015-super-bowl-betting-1Let’s take this a step further and try to predict exactly who’ll be playing in Super Bowl XLIX. Here’s a look at the matchups with the best odds:

Seahawks vs Patriots – 2/1 odds
Field (Other) – 9/2 odds
Packers vs Patriots – 5/1 odds
Seahawks vs Broncos – 11/2 odds
Cowboys vs Patriots – 7/1 odds

Anything can happen in the NFL Playoffs, meaning the Cowboys could be playing the Colts (60/1 odds) in Glendale for all we know. However, the best value-matchup regarding the odds might be the Packers vs. Steelers (30/1 odds).

2015 Super Bowl – Team Props

Prop bets are what the Super Bowl is all about! And when you visit in the two weeks leading up the the big game, you’ll find a wide range of prop bets. But for now, with the potential matchup so uncertain, all we have are some team props for you to enjoy:

Denver Broncos to win – Yes (600) / No (-900)
Green Bay to win – Yes (575) / No (-775)
New England to win – Yes (240) / No (-280)
Seattle to win – Yes (240) / No (-280)

Once again, you can expect plenty more 2015 Super Bowl prop bets and live wagering opportunities as the game approaches. So make sure to place your wagers before or on Feb. 1st so that you don’t miss out on the exciting action.