GTBets Newsletter February 5, 2016

The most-watched sporting event in the world is here! In this week’s edition of GTBets news, we cover Super Bowl 50 betting, the famed coin toss bet, Super Bowl prop bets, and how you can get a refer-a-friend bonus worth up to $400.


Super Bowl 50 Betting

Three days to kick-off! This Sunday, prepare your snacks and get ready for the Super Bowl 50! All the way on the West Coast, the Carolina Panthers (-6) and the Denver Broncos (+6) will be battling it out. This is a significant year for Peyton Manning, as it may be his last Super Bowl. Cam Newton and the Panthers have been having an amazing season, so it won’t be easy!

Make sure you have your Favorite Team Selected for a free ½ point on the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting

Log into your account to see if you are eligible for a free wager on the Super Bowl Coin Toss. This is setting up to be the most heavily bet Super Bowl of all time!


Super Bowl Prop Bets

Log into your account and check out the huge variety of Super Bowl prop bets. Everything from who will score the first touchdown, to how many passing yards Peyton Manning will have!


Refer a Friend Bonus Up to $400

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Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets

Cam NewtonWe’re 10 days away from Super Bowl 50, when the Carolina Panthers will meet the Denver Broncos. Carolina is favored on the major betting lines, including our own at, but Denver boasts the league’s top defense and should make this a great game.

If you’re looking to place some prop bets on the action, then check out some of the Super Bowl 50 prop bets that we’re currently offering at GTBets below. These bets will be running right up until the Super Bowl kickoff time at 6:30pm EST on February 7th. And don’t forget that you can also check our site for Super Bowl live wagering too.

Super Bowl MVP Prop Bet
Aqib Talib (DEN): 50 to 1
Brandon McManus (DEN): 50 to 1
Cam Newton (CAR): 5 to 7
CJ Anderson (DEN): 25 to 1
Corey Brown (CAR): 40 to 1
DeMarcus Ware (DEN): 30 to 1
Demaryius Thomas (DEN): 25 to 1
Devin Funchess (CAR): 75 to 1
Emmanuel Sanders (DEN): 25 to 1
Graham Gano (CAR): 50 to 1
Greg Olsen (CAR): 18 to 1
Jerricho Cotchery (CAR): 100 to 1
Jonathon Stewart (CAR): 18 to 1
Jordan Norwood (DEN): 100 to 1
Josh Norman (CAR): 35 to 1
Luke Kuechly (CAR): 16 to 1
Mike Tolbert (CAR): 150 to 1
Owen Daniels (DEN): 75 to 1
Peyton Manning (DEN): 3 to 1
Ronnie Hillman (DEN): 50 to 1
Ted Ginn Jr (CAR): 25 to 1
Von Miller (DEN): 18 to 1
Field (All others): 10 to 1

demaryius-thomasFirst Score
Panther field goal: 3 to 1
Panther passing TD: 3 to 1
Panther rushing TD: 6 to 1
Any other Panther score: 20 to 1
Bronco field goal: 4 to 1
Bronco passing TD: 5 to 1
Bronco rushing TD: 10 to 1
Any other Bronco score: 30 to 1

First TD
Andre Caldwell (DEN): 60 to 1
Bennie Fowler (DEN): 60 to 1
Cam Newton (CAR): 8 to 1
CJ Anderson (DEN): 12 to 1
Corey Brown (CAR): 20 to 1
Demaryius Thomas (DEN): 10 to 1
Devin Funchess (CAR): 20 to 1
Emmanuel Sanders (DEN): 10 to 1
Fozzy Whittaker (CAR): 50 to 1
Greg Olsen (CAR): 7 to 1
Jerricho Cotchery (CAR): 20 to 1
Jonathon Stewart (CAR): 8 to 1
Jordan Norwood (DEN): 35 to 1
Mike Tolbert (CAR): 16 to 1
Owen Daniels (DEN): 14 to 1
Ronnie Hillman (DEN): 14 to 1
Ted Ginn Jr (CAR): 12 to 1
Vernon Davis (DEN): 50 to 1
Virgil Green (DEN): 40 to 1
Field (All others): 5 to 1
No touchdown scored: 150 to 1

First Carolina TD
Cam Newton: 6 to 1
Corey Brown: 12 to 1
Devin Funchess: 10 to 1
Fozzy Whitaker: 35 to 1
Greg Olsen: 9 to 2
Jerricho Cotchery: 10 to 1
Jonathon Stewart: 9 to 2
Mike Tolbert: 8 to 1
Ted Ginn Jr.: 13 to 2
Field (All others): 4 to 1
No touchdown scored: 75 to 1

peyton-manning-chiefsFirst Denver TD
Andre Caldwell: 35 to 1
Bennie Fowler: 25 to 1
CJ Anderson: 5 to 1
Demaryius Thomas: 4 to 1
Emmanuel Sanders: 4 to 1
Jordan Norwood: 18 to 1
Owen Daniels: 13 to 2
Ronnie Hillman: 7 to 1
Vernon Davis: 25 to 1
Virgil Green: 22 to 1
Field (All others): 6 to 1
No touchdown scored: 11 to 1

Coin Toss
Heads (-105)
Tails (-105)

Who will win the Coin Flip?
Panthers (-105)
Broncos (-105)

Winner of the Coin Flip wins the Game
Yes (-105)
No (-105)

Total Points Scored (including OT)
0-14 points total pts scored: 60 to 1
15-21 points total pts scored: 16 to 1
22-28 points total pts scored: 8 to 1
29-35 points total pts scored: 11 to 2
36-42 points total pts scored: 15 to 4
43-49 points total pts scored: 7 to 2
50-56 points total pts scored: 9 to 2
57-63 points total pts scored: 13 to 2
64-70 points total pts scored: 12 to 1
71 points or more scored: 10 to 1

Remember to visit and look in our “NFL” section to find all these prop bets, along with live wagering opportunities once the game kicks off.

GTBets Newsletter January 29, 2016

In this week’s GTBets news, we cover the 2016 Australian Open, Super Bowl 50 betting, a matchup between the Bulls and Lakers, and our hot new slots game, Mad Road. You’ll also find out how you can earn up to $400 by sending your buddies to GTBets.


2016 Australian Open Betting

Be sure to keep up with the Australian Open this weekend. The Semi-Finals start today with the Womens Singles. Friday, January 29th at 1:00pm will be the start of the Finals which run through Sunday. Make your picks for this exciting tennis-filled weekend!


Super Bowl 50 Betting

Sunday, February 7th, get ready because the Panthers and the Broncos will be headed to San Francisco for the Super Bowl 50! Get in on the action early, the line is currently   Carolina (-6), Denver (+6).

If you haven’t already selected your NFL Playoff Favorite Team, you can still select 1 team for a free half point on the game. Select in the My Account settings.


Bulls vs Lakers Betting

The Chicago Bulls head to the Staples Center tonight at 10:30pm ET to take on the LA Lakers. Who is your money on?


Mad Road Slots

Check out the Casino for this hot new super slot, Mad Road. Join the race, win random Jackpots, and enjoy a cool new bonus round!


Refer a Friend Sports Betting Bonus

Bring your friends into the action! For every person that you refer to GTbets receive 50% on their first deposit, up to $400 per person. Just make sure your friend adds your account ID to the referral field upon sign up and you are all set!


Super Bowl 50 Betting: Denver vs. Carolina

denver-vs-carolinaThe Carolina Panthers rolled into Super Bowl 50 via a dominating 49-15 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Cam Newton headlined the victory with 4 total touchdowns, while the Carolina D harassed Arizona QB Carson Palmer into 6 turnovers. The Denver Broncos had a much-tougher conference championship game, barely surviving the New England Patriots by a score of 20-18. But Peyton Manning and the Broncos moved on nonetheless and will look to give the future Hall of Famer a second-career Super Bowl title in what may be his final game.

On paper it looks like the 17-1 Panthers have the advantage. However, when analyzing the matchup, each team has a solid chance to both win and cover the spread. This being said, let’s look at why both Carolina and Denver can cover the Super Bowl 50 line. Line for Super Bowl 50 (Feb. 7th at 6:30 EST)
Carolina -6 (-110)
Denver (-110)

Over 45 (-110)
Under 45 (-110)

Why Denver (+6) can cover the Spread

peyton-manningNobody is more tested in close games this season than the Broncos. The 2-point victory over New England bumped their record to 11-3 in contests decided by seven or fewer points. Beyond this, they’ve also played extremely tough competition, including the Chiefs, Patriots and Steelers all twice.

Denver also lays claim to the league’s best defense, finishing No. 1 in total defense, pass defense and sacks during the regular season. Considering how good this unit is at stopping opposing teams, it’s little wonder why the Broncos are rarely out of a game. If there’s anybody who can knock Newton out of his rhythm, it’s the Denver defense.

Of course, we can’t deny the motivation that this team will have when trying to get Manning one final victory. The 5-time MVP hinted that he’ll retire following this season, which will certainly provide some fire behind the Broncos. And despite missing seven starts due to a foot injury, Manning looked much better against the Patriots after tossing two touchdowns.

Why Carolina (-6) can cover the Spread

New Orleans Saints v Carolina PanthersBecause reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry said Carolina will win, and this guy never loses!

Seriously, though, the Panthers are expected to win for a reason: they won 17 out of 18 times this year. And Cam Newton is probably the biggest reason, proving himself to be the league’s scariest dual-threat QB. The 4-year veteran has racked up 3,837 passing yards and 636 rushing yards to go along with 45 total touchdowns. Denver may have minimized Tom Brady’s passing ability, but they could have a much harder time doing the same with Newton’s running/passing abilities.

Then we have the versatile linebacking tandem of Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, who can cover slot receivers, then turn around and make huge hits on opposing running backs. These two, who combined for eight interceptions and 2 defensive TD’s, will minimize some of what Denver can do on offense.

We also can’t forget the Panthers’ offensive line, which is a big reason for Newton’s success. This unit, anchored by center Ryan Kalil, left tackle Michael Oher, right guard Trai Turner, left guard Andrew Norwell and right tackle Mike Remmers, ranked sixth in pass-blocking efficiency and has done a great job of picking up blitzes. They also paved the way for Carolina to rank second in the league in rushing.

Final Analysis

It would be a great story to see Peyton Manning go out with one final Super Bowl ring. Unfortunately, the Broncos’ problems begin and end with him, who, until the AFC Championship, had tossed just 9 TD’s compared to 17 interceptions. Denver’s run game should relieve some of the pressure for Manning, but will it be enough against a feisty Carolina defense? Meanwhile, the Panthers’ offense is in great hands with Newton, and they look poised to break through a tough Broncos D.

Score Prediction: Carolina 27 – Denver 13