Steph Curry Is “Not Going to Play Anytime Soon”

steph-curry-knee-injury-returnGolden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry has been out of action since late October with a sprained left MCL. The Warriors are hoping that he can return soon, because they’re in the midst of a playoff run. But head coach Steve Kerr doesn’t think that his star guard will be on the court any time soon.

“Steph’s not going to play anytime soon,” said Kerr. “He’s coming along well. He looked good in practice. I talked to him this morning. He’s feeling healthy, getting better. He still has a few limitations that he’s trying to work through, but no pain. I think he’s on track. I can’t put a timetable on it, but I think he’s coming along really well.” reports that Curry had his Grade 2 sprain looked at on Friday and will be evaluated again next Friday (April 29). The earliest he could return to the starting lineup is a Game 7 matchup against the San Antonio Spurs. Of course, this is assuming that the Warriors even need seven games to beat San Antonio. They’re currently leading the series 3-1.

The other likely scenario is that he returns in time for the Western Conference semifinals matchup. Golden State would play the New Orleans Pelicans if they finish off this series against the Spurs.

Curry Working Out and Looking Like He’ll Soon Return

golden-state-steve-kerrWhile Kerr doesn’t sound optimistic about Curry returning, the All-Star guard’s practice habits indicate otherwise. He’s been traveling with the Warriors for the past two road games. More importantly, he’s actually practicing and working hard.

Reports indicate that Curry was shooting three-pointers, driving to the hoop, shooting floaters, and making cuts during a recent team workout. All of this indicates that he could be back at some point in the near future.

Alvin Gentry Doesn’t Think Curry Will Miss Much Time (Update)

alvin-gentry-warriorsNew Orleans head coach Alvin Gentry knows a thing or two about the Warriors and Steph Curry. After all, he was their top assistant coach during the 2015 championship run.

And he thinks that Curry will be back sooner than later. And when Curry is on the court, Gentry sees him performing just fine.

“I don’t know a lot about it,” said Gentry. “I know Steph. If there is any way he can play he will play, and I kind of laughed at the people that say, ‘Well, he is going to be a little bit rusty.’ I want to tell them, just remember now, the last time he sat out seven games I think he came back and had 39 in the next game. So the rust doesn’t settle very good on Steph.”

The last time that Curry was forced to miss time during the playoffs was in 2016. He returned late in a second-round series against the Portland Trail Blazers and helped his team to victory. Curry also played pivotal role in beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2016 Western Conference Finals.

It seemed that Golden State would win it all when they took a 3-1 series lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. But they became the first team to blow a 3-1 Finals lead.

Last season, Curry was healthy throughout the 2017 playoff run. And it resulted in a championship, as they defeated the Cavs in just five games.

Can Golden State Beat Houston with a Rusty Curry?

This is definitely looking far ahead, because we’re still in the first round. But many expect the Warriors to face off against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals.

Houston had an outstanding season where they finished 65-19, which is the best record in the league. But many still think that Golden State has the edge on them when it comes to the playoffs.

The big question is if Curry will have any rust if these two teams meet in the Conference Finals. Assuming he does, it would give the Rockets a bit of an advantage in the series. But Curry will have an entire second-round series against the Pelicans to tune up for this potential matchup.

A lot still needs to happen before the Rockets and Warriors can meet. But pay special attention to how well Curry has rebounded from his injury and court rust. This could be a telling sign on if the Warriors can beat the Rockets and defend their championship.