La Liga Betting: SD Eibar proving they belong among Elite

sd-eibar-la-ligaBack in the summer, we profiled a small soccer team named SD Eibar. Hailing from the Spanish town of Eibar (pop. 27,507). and having a stadium that only seats 5,200, SD Eibar made big news by moving up to the star-studded Spanish La Liga – home to legendary giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Given the level of competition that SD Eibar would be facing, it seemed like this was nothing more than a feel-good story…one that would end with Eibar being dominated, finishing in the bottom three of La Liga standings, and dropping down to Segunda Division B. But through 11 matches so far, that’s proving to be anything but the case.

SD Eibar currently sits 10th out of 20 La Liga teams, carrying a 3-4-4 record which is good for 13 points. Sure this is quite a ways from league-leading Real Madrid (27 points); but it’s also much better than some of the more-talented teams like Real Sociedad (9 pts, 15th place).

sd-eibar-la-liga-1What’s interesting is that SD Eibar could easily be higher in the league if not for some very close losses and ties. Take their last match against 6th-place Malaga, for example. Both teams were notted up at 1-1 until Raul Navas was guilty of a handball within the last minute. This gave Amrabat a chance to boot the ball in for the late victory, which he successfully did. A heartbreaking loss for this team indeed, but one that also shows how tough SD Eibar plays against the league’s elite.

Speaking of elite, it doesn’t get any tougher than Eibar’s opponent coming out of the international break – Real Madrid. In its last three matches, Madrid has blasted teams with 13 goals while only allowing two. If ever there were a David vs. Goliath matchup  this is truly it.

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