NFL Power Rankings Week 13, 2016

chiefs-vs-broncosThe Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos faced off in a bitter division rivalry game that has playoff implications. The contest was every bit as exciting as one could hope for, with Kansas City pulling out a 30-27 overtime victory.

Find out where the Chiefs rise to in our Week 13 NFL power rankings, and take a look at last week’s rankings here.

1. Dallas Cowboys (10-1); beat Washington 31-26, same spot – Dallas survived a late flurry of Redskins’ touchdowns by scoring a couple of their own in the fourth quarter. Dak Prescott again had a solid game with two touchdowns – one rushing and one passing.

2. New England Patriots (9-2); beat NY Jets 22-17, up 1 spot – This wasn’t just any 3-8 team that New England was facing in a heated rivalry game. But the Patriots still came out on top thanks to a fourth-quarter TD.

3. Oakland Raiders (9-2); beat Carolina 35-32, up 1 spot – The Raiders went up early, then let the Panthers back in this one. Nevertheless, the result was a win and a firm lead in the AFC West.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (8-3); beat Denver 30-27 (OT), down 2 spots – It looked like Kansas City could be out of this game at several points. But Alex Smith found Tyreek Hill with 12 seconds left, and they converted the two-point conversion to force overtime.

5. Seattle Seahawks (7-2-1); lost to Tampa Bay 14-5, down 3 spots – Russell Wilson looked like he was playing against the 2015 Broncos defense, as he couldn’t get much going on the passing end and threw 2 interceptions.

6. Atlanta Falcons (7-4); beat Arizona 38-19, up 1 spot – Julio Jones might have been held in check by shutdown corner Patrick Peterson, but the rest of the Atlanta’s offense exploded.

7. New York Giants (8-3); beat Cleveland 27-13, up 1 spot – The Giants have an excellent shot at one of the NFC’s Wild Card spots. But they’re still two games behind league-leading Dallas.

8. Denver Broncos (7-4); bye week, down 3 spots – Denver steps out of the bye week and into an important division-rivalry game with Kansas City.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5); beat Indianapolis 28-7, same spot – Nothing like a game against the Scott Tolzien-led Colts to get an important win. Pittsburgh is keeping pace in the AFC North.

matt-prater-lions10. Detroit Lions (7-4); beat Minnesota 16-13, up 2 spots – Another Lions game, another nail-biter. In this week’s edition, Matt Prater kicked the game-winning field goal as time expired.

11. Washington Redskins (6-4-1); lost to Dallas 31-26, down 1 spot – Give the Redskins credit for making a valiant comeback attempt. But it’s worth wondering if they could’ve won had they opened the offense up earlier.

12. Miami Dolphins (7-4); beat San Francisco 31-24, up 2 spots – Once sitting at 1-4, Miami has reeled off six straight games to become a serious playoff contender. Will the good times continue as they travel to Baltimore this weekend?

13. Minnesota Vikings (6-5); lost to Detroit 16-13, down 2 spots – Minnesota has an elite defense, but they’re held down by the offense, which is lacking weapons. It didn’t help that Stefon Diggs missed the game with an injury.

14. Green Bay Packers (5-6); beat Philadelphia 27-13, up 3 spots – Green Bay played a strong quarter to close this one out and end their four-game losing streak.

15. Baltimore Ravens (6-5); beat Cincinnati 19-14, up 4 spots – Justin Tucker kicked three field goals 50 yards or longer in the first half to keep Baltimore out in front.

lesean-mccoy-75-yard-run16. Buffalo Bills (6-5); beat Jacksonville 28-21, up 4 spots – LeSean McCoy had the longest touchdown run of his career at 75 yards, which got Buffalo off to an excellent start.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (5-6); lost to Green Bay 27-13, down 2 spots – Philly hung close in the first half, but they couldn’t do anything in the second half and lost for the sixth time in eight games.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5); beat Seattle 14-5, up 4 spots – Jameis Winston threw two touchdowns and Tampa Bay’s defense did the rest, holding Seattle’s offense to just 3 points.

19. Houston Texans (6-5); lost to Chargers 21-13, down 3 spots – No matter what, the Texans just can’t seem to pull away in the AFC South. They’re now just a half game ahead of Tennessee.

20. Tennessee Titans (6-6); beat Chicago 27-21, up 3 spots – Tennessee had trouble ensuring that Matt Barkley didn’t lead a game-winning drive…but they eventually sealed the deal and are a serious threat for the AFC South crown.

21. Indianapolis Colts (5-6); lost to Pittsburgh 28-7, down 4 spots – With Andrew Luck missing last game, we got to see just how bad of a team Indianapolis is without their star quarterback.

philip-rivers22. San Diego Chargers (5-6); beat Houston 21-13, up 2 spots – It was vintage Philip Rivers as he threw for 242 yards and three touchdowns to lead this victory.

23. New Orleans Saints (5-6); beat LA 49-21, up 2 spots – Sean Payton was fired up for this game, facing his former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who got him suspended for a year due to Bountygate.

24. Arizona Cardinals (4-6-1); lost to Atlanta 38-19, down 11 spots – Arizona may be the league’s biggest disappointment. Coming into the year with Super Bowl aspirations, they probably won’t even make the playoffs in 2016.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (3-7-1); lost to Baltimore 19-14, down 4 spots
 – Cincinnati is right there with the Cardinals in terms of most-disappointing teams. They’re all but eliminated in the AFC playoff race.

26. Carolina Panthers (4-7); lost to Oakland 35-32, down 1 spot – Now 3 games behind division leader Atlanta, the Panthers will likely miss the postseason following a Super Bowl trip.

27. New York Jets (3-8); lost to New England 22-17, up 1 spot – Todd Bowles isn’t ready to give up on this season yet, keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick in as the starter.

28. LA Rams (4-7); lost to New Orleans 49-21, down 1 spot – For Jeff Fisher, it’s not looking like an 8-8 season, but rather something much worse.

matt-barkley-bears29. Chicago Bears (2-9); lost to Tennessee 27-21, same spot – If Matt Barkley can keep playing decent like this, then maybe he’ll get a longer look even when Jay Cutler comes back from injury.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9); lost to Buffalo 28-21, same spot – The prospects of Jacksonville breaking out of their funk don’t look good as they face the Broncos this week.

31. San Francisco (1-10); lost to Miami 31-24, same spot – After suffering their 10th-consecutive loss, San Francisco has set a franchise record for most losses in a row.

32. Cleveland Browns (0-12); lost to NY Giants 27-13, same spot – Cleveland has very little to look forward to, but perhaps receiver Terrelle Pryor is someone to build on.

NFL Power Rankings for Week 13 (Nov 27, 2014)

legarrette-blount-patriots-20141. New England Patriots (9-2); beat Detroit 34-9, retains same ranking – Exit Jonas Gray, insert Legarrette Bount, who rushed for 78 yards and 2 TD’s. It seems like the Patriots can play anybody and win.

2. Green Bay Packers (8-3); beat Minnesota 24-21, moves up one spot – Eddie Lacy seems to be catching fire for the Packers at just the right time. And they’ll need it as New England visits Lambeau.

3. Denver Broncos (8-3); beat Miami 39-36, moves up two spots – Don’t play Peyton Manning after a loss! The future Hall of Famer tossed 4 TD’s against the Dolphins.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (8-3); beat Tennessee 43-24, retains same ranking – Riding a 10-game winning streak at home, Philly is battling over the final stretch to host some playoff games.

5. Arizona Cardinals (9-2); lost to Seattle 19-3, drops three spots – With Drew Stanton at QB, Arizona is still a good team…just not good enough to win tough road games.

6. Dallas Cowboys (8-3); beat NY Giants 31-28, retains same rankings – All the talk is about Odell Beckham’s amazing TD catch, but Dallas is more than happy with yet another win.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers7. San Francisco 49ers (7-4); beat Washington 17-13, retains same ranking – Anquan Boldin may be a grandpa by NFL standards, but the 34-year-old can still play, as he proved with 137 receiving yards and a TD.

8. Indianapolis Colts (7-4); beat Jacksonville 23-3, retains same ranking – The Colts were fortune to be playing Jacksonville on a day where they fumbled six times and Andrew Luck struggled.

9. Seattle Seahawks (7-4); beat Arizona 19-3, moves up two spots – Russell Wilson is the NFL’s most-dangerous dual threat, as he showed with 211 passing yards and 73 rushing yards in this contest.

10. Detroit Lions (7-4); lost to New England 34-9, drops one spot – Matt Stafford was off the mark (39.1 completion percentage) and Detroit was predictably blown out on the road against the NFL’s top team.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4); bye week, drops one spot – Pittsburgh gets their bye at a very nice time, with all four AFC North teams still alive for the division title.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (7-3-1); beat Houston 22-13, moves up one spot – Two road wins in a row for Cincinnati bodes well as they take the AFC North lead.

justin-forsett-superdome13. Baltimore Ravens (7-4); beat New Orleans 34-27, moves up one spot – Justin Forsett managed a career game (182 rushing yards, 2TD) to help Baltimore win in the Superdome.

14. San Diego Chargers (7-4); beat St. Louis 27-24, moves up one spot – Philip Rivers was excellent in the face of pressure, as he completed 8-of-8 passes for 108 yards against blitzes.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4); lost to Oakland 24-20, drops three spots – The Chiefs blew a golden opportunity to cement their playoff chase. Aside from losing to the Raiders, allowing 5.0 rushing YPC isn’t helping matters.

16. Miami Dolphins (6-5); lost to Denver 39-36, retains same ranking – Ryan Tannehill continues putting up strong numbers (228 passing yards, 3TD), but the Dolphins are fading in the playoff race.

17. Cleveland Browns (7-4); beat Atlanta 26-24, moves up spot – With 8 catches and 120 receiving yards in his first game back, Josh Gordon hasn’t lost a step from last year.

18. Buffalo Bills (6-5); beat NY Jets 38-3, moves up one spot – Buffalo proved why they have one of the league’s better defenses by sacking the Jets seven times.

19. Houston Texans (5-6); lost to Cincinnati 22-13, drops three spots – Houston has pieces to a very good team, but they just can’t complete the puzzle and it starts at quarterback.

20. Chicago Bears (5-6), beat Tampa Bay 21-13, NR – Chicago slightly drops their 27.6 points allowed-per-game figure, which ranks second worst in the league.