NFL Power Rankings for January 17th, 2013

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a week can make in the NFL? In our previous power rankings, we were ready to anoint the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl champions three weeks prematurely. But after dropping a shootout against the Ravens, they’re certainly not on top any longer. Denver wasn’t the only favorite to lose either, which turned this week’s power rankings edition upside-down.

1. New England Patriots – The Patriots took care of business last week, just like you’d expect a Bill Belichick team to do. Tom Brady was his usually-brilliant self after throwing for 344 yards, three TD’s and no interceptions. Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen combined to give New England a pretty solid running attack too – 123 rushing yards and 2 TD’s on 22 carries. The Patriots will be gifted with another home game thanks to the Broncos loss.

Last Game: 41-28 win over Houston Texans
Next Game: vs. Baltimore Ravens in AFC Championship

2. Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta was on the verge of blowing the largest fourth quarter lead (20 PTS) in playoff history to the Seattle Seahawks. The ‘Hawks actually grabbed the lead with just 31 seconds left on the board after Marshawn Lynch’s go-ahead touchdown. But Matt Ryan was able to connect on two long passes and set Matt Bryant up for a game-winning field goal with 8 seconds remaining. So is this scare going to inspire the Falcons to play better, or serve to foreshadow another blown fourth-quarter lead against San Francisco this week?

Last Game: 30-28 win over Seattle Seahawks
Next Game: vs. San Francisco 49ers in NFC Championship

3. San Francisco 49ers – Colin Kaepernick never looked phased as he out-dueled reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers during an offensive explosion. Kaepernick ran for 181 yards, which is a playoff record for quarterbacks, and he added another 263 yards through the air. More importantly, the second-year QB scored four total touchdowns for San Francisco and led them to victory. Can he duplicate the same feat and survive another road matchup against the Falcons? It’s certainly not out of the question.

Last Game: 45-31 win over Green Bay Packers
Next Game: at Atlanta Falcons in NFC Championship

4. Baltimore Ravens – Many times, you find out what a team is truly made of when the postseason comes around. And that’s exactly what we’re finding out about the Baltimore Ravens, who’ve won two games we didn’t think they would. Joe Flacco saved his best football for when the Ravens needed it most after throwing for 331 yards, three TD’s and no interceptions against the Broncos. Plus he hit Jacoby Jones for a 70-yard touchdown with just 31 seconds left to force overtime. Baltimore will definitely need more of the same from Flacco if they’ve got any chance of beating the Patriots at home.

Last Game: 38-35 double (OT) win over Denver Broncos
Next Game: at Denver Broncos in AFC Championship

5. Denver Broncos (Eliminated) – Denver’s defense played pretty strong throughout the regular season, but couldn’t seem to find an answer against the Ravens. Peyton Manning had his usual strong game (290PYDS, 3TD), but made a mistake in overtime by throwing across his body; the pass was picked off by CB Corey Graham to give Baltimore the ball at midfield. A few runs later, Justin Tucker nailed a game-winning field in the second OT to complete the upset. Now Peyton has all offseason to kick himself after an otherwise incredible year.

Last Game: 38-35 double OT loss to Baltimore Ravens

6. Seattle Seahawks (Eliminated) – Nobody was hotter than Seattle heading into the playoffs. Unfortunately, the odds were stacked against them with having to play every postseason game on the road. Even with this being said, they came extremely close to capping off a 20-point fourth quarter comeback against the Falcons. Next year should offer plenty of promise for the Seahawks because they return offensive stars QB Russell Wilson and RB Marshawn Lynch. If Seattle can upgrade their receiving corps, prepare to watch Wilson really take off!

Last Game: 30-28 loss to Atlanta Falcons

7. Green Bay Packers (Eliminated) – In what seemed like a muddled NFC, many experts were picking Green Bay to make the Super Bowl. However, their defense wasn’t as strong as everybody thought; the Pack surrendered over 440 total yards to Niners QB Colin Kaepernick and 579 yards overall. Bolstering the defense will definitely be the focus as Green Bay heads into this offseason. As for their running game, maybe the Cheeseheads have found a reliable option in undrafted rookie DuJuan Harris.

Last Game: 45-31 loss to San Francisco 49ers

8. Houston Texans (Eliminated) – After starting out 11-1, Houston had aspirations of making the franchise’s first Super Bowl appearance. But the way the Texans ended the regular season – which included losing three out of the last four games – may have cost them a real title shot. This no doubt hurt after losing the AFC’s top seed and being forced to play New England on the road. Defensive injuries definitely played a part in Houston’s demise, which made stopping Tom Brady and Co. that much tougher. Staying healthy will be the big challenge for the Texans next year because the talent is there.

Last Game: 41-28 loss to New England Patriots

For descriptions on the following eliminated teams, check out our previous power rankings.

9. Washington Redskins

10. Minnesota Vikings

11. Indianapolis Colts

12. Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Power Rankings for Jan. 11th, 2013

Last week marked a not-so-exciting first round of the 2013 NFL playoffs. Only the Cincinnati Bengals/Houston Texans game was close…but the way that QB Andy Dalton played, it wasn’t really that close. This being said, we expect a little more entertaining action this weekend – especially in the two NFC playoff games. Now here’s a look at our rankings of all the playoff teams – included the eliminated ones.

1. Denver Broncos (1st seed in AFC) – Denver has the ever-important home field advantage throughout the playoffs, which will no doubt be huge if they make the AFC Championship game. Next up is the Ravens in what promises to be a very chilly contest (predicted low of 6 degrees). Peyton Manning’s passing could be a little more limited in such cold weather, but the Broncos are truly a complete team with how Knowshon Moreno is running.

Last Game: Bye
Next Game: vs. Baltimore Ravens

2. New England Patriots (2nd seed in AFC) – The big question for the Patriots will be if their bend-but-don’t-break defense can hold up throughout the playoffs. It should definitely hold up against the Houston Texans, which relied far too much on Arian Foster to carry them past the Bengals. Also, Tom Brady shouldn’t have the same troubles moving the ball against Houston as Dalton did.

Last Game: Bye
Next Game: vs. Houston Texans

3. Atlanta Falcons (1st seed in NFC) – The Falcons definitely need home field advantage against their visiting opponent – the streaking Seattle Seahawks. They’ll have to do a better job of containing Marshawn Lynch than they did in their final regular season game against Tampa Bay’s Doug Martin (142 RYDS). DE John Abraham and CB Dunta Robinson should be able to play in this game, despite leaving the Tampa Bay contest with injuries.

Last Game: Bye
Next Game: vs. Seattle Seahawks

4. Seattle Seahawks (5th seed in NFC) – Nobody has played better than Seattle over the past few weeks, and the momentum carried into the playoffs against Washington. Now they’ll be looking to win their second straight road game, which should prove a lot tougher against the NFC’s top seed. Much of this game will depend upon QB Russell Wilson and his ability to continue playing great football.

Last Game: 24-14 win over Washington Redskins
Next Game: vs. Atlanta Falcons

5. Green Bay Packers (3rd seed in NFC) – The Packers had little trouble handling division rival Minnesota in their Wild Card matchup. Of course, things were a little easier on Green Bay since they faced backup QB Joe Webb, who connected on just 11 of 30 passes. They’ll get no such gift on the road against San Francisco this week.

Last Game: 24-10 win over Minnesota Vikings
Next Game: at San Francisco 49ers

6. San Francisco (2nd seed in NFC) – It’ll be interesting to see how Colin Kaepernick handles starting in his first career playoff game. At least he’ll have home field advantage as he faces the Packers. The Niners’ secondary is really going to be stretched as they try to slow down QB Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay passing attack.

Last Game: Bye
Next Game: vs. Green Bay Packers

7. Houston Texans (3rd seed in AFC) – The Texans entered the playoffs on a real down-note after losing 3 of their final 4 regular season games. This bad run also cost them the AFC’s top seed, which could prove fatal as they travel to Foxborough this Sunday. On a positive note, the Houston defense was stellar after harassing the Bengals’ Andy Dalton all game; he completed just 14 of 30 passes for 127 yards.

Last Game: 19-13 win over Cincinnati Bengals
Next Game: at New England Patriots

8. Baltimore Ravens (4th seed in AFC) – We actually ranked Baltimore last among the 12 playoff teams in our previous power rankings; they’d lost four out of their final five regular season contests at this point. However, the Ravens surprised us after easily handling the Colts at home. Rookie Benard Pierce ran for 103 yards on just 13 carries while Anquan Boldin was the star with 145 receiving yards and a touchdown. We are still very skeptical about Baltimore’s chances heading into a road game against Denver though.

Last Game: 24-9 win over Indianapolis Colts
Next Game: at Denver Broncos

9. Washington Redskins (4th seed in NFC) – Washington tops our list of eliminated playoff teams. This is certainly no consolation to the Redskins though as they’ll have a very long offseason to think about what could have been. Robert Griffin III quickly tossed two touchdowns to put Washington up 14-0. However, he would hurt his knee shortly thereafter, which is when things began spiraling downward. He remained in the game despite noticeably limping and injured his knee even worse in the fourth quarter. Following ACL and LCL surgery this week, it’s possible that Griffin could miss all of next season.

Last Game: 24-14 loss to Seattle Seahawks
– Eliminated from playoffs

10. Minnesota Vikings (6th seed in NFC) – Many people talked about how Minnesota was a one-dimensional team heading into the postseason. And they truly lived up to this billing when starting QB Christian Ponder didn’t play due to an elbow injury. Joe Webb couldn’t seem to complete a pass until he hit Michael Jenkins for a meaningless 50-yard touchdown – leaving the entire offensive burden on Adrian Peterson (22CAR, 99RYDS). It’s too bad we couldn’t have seen how the Vikings fared with their starting QB available.

Last Game: 24-10 loss to Green Bay Packers
– Eliminated from playoffs

11. Indianapolis Colts (5th seed in AFC) – Unlike a lot of other sites, we were pretty high on the Colts entering the playoffs. However, all of their ugly defensive qualities surfaced in one game against the Ravens after giving up almost 200 rushing yards to Ray Rice/Bernard Pierce along with 145 receiving yards to Boldin. The Indianapolis offense couldn’t find the end zone either as they mustered just three field goals.

Last Game: 24-9 loss to Baltimore Ravens
– Eliminated from playoffs

12. Cincinnati Bengals (6th seed in AFC) – The only real reason why Cincinnati threatened Houston was because of CB Leon Hall’s interception return right before hafltime. This would be the only touchdown that the Bengals got as their offense struggled terribly under Dalton (127PYDS, 1INT). It’s got to be tough for Dalton since he’s now choked in his only two playoff games.

Last Game: 19-13 loss to Houston Texans
– Eliminated from playoffs

NFL Power Rankings for Jan. 4th, 2013

The NFL Playoffs begin tomorrow with the Cincinnati Bengals visiting Houston, and Minnesota taking on the Green Bay Packers. And seeing as how the playoffs are set, it’s become much clearer as to who the top teams are at this point. That said, you’ll find a familiar number one team from our past rankings in this edition. Now let’s continue by discussing all 12 postseason teams.

1. Denver Broncos (13-3, 1st seed in AFC) – Last week we talked about how the Broncos would need Houston to lose if they were to grab home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Well their wish came true and Peyton Manning and the Broncos are in perfect position for a Super Bowl run. They should be fairly healthy too when they play next week against the lowest winning AFC seed..

Last Game: 38-3 win over Kansas City
Next Game: First round playoff bye

2. New England Patriots (12-4, 2nd seed in AFC) – The Patriots move up one spot from last week after dismantling Miami. Like Denver, this team was a huge beneficiary of the Texans losing since they grabbed a first round playoff bye. Assuming they win their second round game, a blockbuster AFC Championship duel could take place between Peyton and Tom Brady.

Last Game: 28-0 win over Miami
Next Game: First round playoff bye

3. Atlanta Falcons (13-3, 1st seed in NFC) – Despite having the NFC’s top seed locked up, Atlanta coach Mike Smith played his starters against Tampa Bay in order to “finish the season the right way.” Unfortunately, even their starters couldn’t make this a reality as the Falcons gave up 142 rushing yards to Doug Martin and lost. What’s worse is that Atlanta lost two key defensive players to injuries (DE John Abraham, CB Dunta Robinson) during the debacle.

Last Game: 22-17 loss to Tampa Bay
Next Game: First round playoff bye

4. Seattle Seahawks (11-5, 5th seed in NFC) – We were tempted to move Seattle up to number three based on their extremely hot run. However, it’s a stretch to rank Seattle as the NFC’s best team when they’ll be playing every playoff game on the road. Russell Wilson quietly tied Peyton Manning for the most touchdown passes ever by a rookie (26) – something nobody would’ve expected after the first few games.

Last Game: 20-13 win over St. Louis
Next Game: at Washington Redskins (First Round)

5. Green Bay Packers (11-5, 3rd seed in NFC) – Green Bay lost a classic game to the Vikings as Minnesota was fighting for their playoff lives; this sets up a rematch between these two teams next week. It’s hard to tell what will happen in this rubber match, but we like Green Bay since they’re at home. But don’t forget that Adrian Peterson has run for over 400 yards in two games against the Pack!

Last Game: 37-34 loss to Minnesota
Next Game: vs. Minnesota Vikings (First Round)

6. San Francisco 49ers (11-4-1, 2nd seed in NFC) – WR Michael Crabtree had a career game (172RYDS, 2TD) to help the Niners secure the NFC West title and a first round bye. San Francisco has had its struggles over the second half of the season, so nothing is guaranteed in the playoffs.

Last Game: 27-13 win over Arizona
Next Game: First round playoff bye

7. Indianapolis Colts (11-5, 5th seed in AFC) – People have expressed concerns about the Colts’ run defense all year – and for good reason. However, everything else seems to be firing on all cylinders for Indianapolis and we actually like them to beat the Ravens, despite playing on the road.

Last Game: 28-16 win over Houston
Next Game: at Baltimore Ravens (First Round)

8. Houston Texans (12-4, 3rd seed in AFC) – How the mighty Texans have fallen after being 11-1 and firmly entrenched atop the AFC. With losses to Indianapolis, Minnesota and New England over the past four weeks, Houston now drops into the Wild Card round. Based on how the Bengals are streaking and the Texans are slumping, the game tomorrow should be really good.

Last Game: 28-16 loss to Indianapolis
Next Game: vs. Cincinnati Bengals (First Round)

9. Washington Redskins (10-6, 4th seed in NFC) – The Redskins won a hard-fought game against the Cowboys to secure the NFC East title and a playoff berth. This is no doubt an intriguing team offensively with rookies Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris leading the charge. Morris actually ran for a career-high 200 yards and three touchdowns to power his team over Dallas.

Last Game: 28-18 win over Dallas
Next Game: vs. Seattle Seahawks (First Round)

10. Minnesota Vikings (10-6, 6th seed in NFC) – Adrian Peterson fell just eight yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. But he’s certainly not worrying about that with a big game against the Packers tomorrow. Can AP continue his torrid pace against Green Bay for a second straight week?

Last Game: 37-34 win over Green Bay
Next Game: at Green Bay Packers (First Round)

11. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6, 6th seed in AFC) – Cincinnati won a meaningless contest over Baltimore since both teams had their playoff seeds wrapped up before the game. But what’s not meaningless is how the Bengals won six out of their last seven games to grab a postseason bid. With the way that Houston has been faltering lately, Cincinnati actually has a chance to win in the first round.

Last Game: 23-17 win over Baltimore
Next Game: at Houston Texans

12. Baltimore Ravens (10-6, 4th seed in AFC) – After starting the year with a very respectable 9-2 record, the Ravens ended on a sour note by losing four of their past five contests. Taking this into account, Baltimore’s decision to rest most of their starters in last game’s second half was probably a good one.

Last Game: 23-17 loss to Cincinnati
Next Game: vs. Indianapolis Colts (First Round)