Mayweather, McGregor Odds: Press Conferences Add Fuel to Fight

mcgregor-mayweather-press-conferenceConor McGregor may be a big underdog going into his August 26 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. But he’s certainly doing a good job in the pre-fight press conferences.

The two fighters held press conferences in L.A. and Toronto, which are designed to ramp up fan excitement and Pay-Per-View sales. This mission has been accomplished, with fireworks, insults, and 4-letter works flying in abundance.

Neither fighter is a stranger to these events because they’ve both been involved in high-profile fights. But McGregor may be a just a little-more polished in what feels like pro-wrestling mic rants.

Let’s discuss the first two press conferences and also take a look at the fight odds right now.

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Odds
Fight Time: Aug 26 at 11:00pm EST
McGregor +550
Mayweather -800

LA Press Conference

Last week, it was revealed that Floyd Mayweather owes the IRS a significant amount in back taxes. And given that his assets aren’t entirely liquid, he’s counting on a portion of his $100 million from the McGregor fight.

It didn’t take McGregor long to use this as fuel for his press-conference insults. He also bashed Mayweather for his attire, which paled in comparison to the Irishman’s pinstriped suit, which had “F*** You” in small writing all over it.

mcgregor-mayweather-press-conference-1“Somebody’s 0 has got to go,” McGregor began. “He’s in a f***ing tracksuit. He can’t even afford a suit anymore.”

He added, “His little legs, his little core, his little head, I’m gonna knock him out inside of four rounds.”

McGregor continued by discussing his entertainment company, how he can do whatever he wants during the press conference, and how his power will be too much for Mayweather.

“He’s fought people who have shied away from him. I don’t fear him. I don’t fear his limited set of fighting. This [boxing] is a limited set of rules. This is half a fight.”

Mayweather began his press conference by pointing out how he’s been “kicking a** for 21 years.” The 40-year-old also pulled out a $100 million check from his backpack that he hasn’t touched since his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

“We knew I was the A-side,” said Mayweather. “That’s why this b*tch had to come to the boxing ring.”

He added, “If you want 8-ounce gloves on, let’s put 8-ounce gloves on. If you want 4-ounce gloves, let’s put 4-ounce gloves on.”

“I’m an old man. I’m not the same fighter I was 10 years ago. I’m not the same fighter I was 5 years ago. I’m not the same fighter I was 2 years. But I got enough to beat you,” said Mayweather while motioning to his opponent.

Money finished his portion with a flurry, adding that “God only made one thing perfect, and that’s my boxing record.”

But it’s difficult to say who truly won the war of words here because McGregor’s portion was short, but sweet.

Toronto Press Conference

McGregor kicked off the Toronto press conference by getting fans to yell “F*** the Mayweathers!”

He then proceeded to complain about how his mic was cut off while Mayweather spoke in LA. McGregor also pointed out how he’s involved in a huge fight at age 28, while Money was on Oscar De La Hoya’s undercard at the same age.

The Irishman proceeded to bash Mayweather for “having 50 strippers on his payroll.” McGregor also challenged Mayweather to come and take the mic from him.

mcgregor-mayweather-torontoHe brought up how nobody gave him a chance against MMA fighter Jose Alvo. But he knocked Alvo out in just 28 seconds. McGregor again pointed out how he’s dressed better than Mayweather.

Money began his segment by telling McGregor that the Canadian fans – who were decidedly in the Irishman’s favor – can’t fight for him. He then boasted about how he’s been at the top of boxing for 21 years.

Mayweather also taunted McGregor by saying that Dana White is his boss, before berating his opponent for tapping out in a previous fight.

The two sides drew laughs when Mayweather started wearing an Irish flag, while McGregor took his backpack with the $100 million check in it.

Overall, it felt like McGregor definitely won the second press conference. But we still can’t help but feel like it’s the only thing he’s going to win against the 49-0 Mayweather.