MLB Betting: 5 Players Who’ll Move Before Trade Deadline

jay-bruce-redsThe MLB trade deadline is August 1, meaning teams have less than two weeks to improve their roster. This is always an exciting point in the baseball season, as contending teams – like those discussed here – are in heavy trade talks that could boost their odds of winning the World Series.

Meanwhile, teams that are out of contention, like the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers, are interested in moving marquee players to acquire young talent. Who are some of the big-time players that could be moved before the 2016 MLB trade deadline? Find out as we cover 5 players who’ll likely be wearing new uniforms before August.

1. Jay Bruce, RF Cincinnati Reds

Jay Bruce’s name has been thrown around before the trade deadline for the past several years. It seems like this could finally be the year that the rightfielder is shipped out to another team. As badly as the Reds’ season has gone (35-59), they’re looking to get something for Bruce before he declines. And considering that the 29-year-old still has good power (19HR, 66RBI), Cincinnati can get solid value out of him.

2. Andrew Miller, P New York Yankees

andrew-miller-yankeesThe New York Yankees are typically the team that’s trading to help their World Series chances at this point in the season – not seeking trade value on star players. However, 2016 has been New York’s worst seasons in memory, with the team sitting at 45-46. If they finish under .500, it’ll be the first time they’ve done so in 24 seasons. While they’re just 6.5 games out of first, the Yankees are reportedly looking to shop players, which means closer Andrew Miller would be one of their most-attractive trade chips. The 31-year-old has outstanding stats – 1.31 ERA and 70 strikeouts in 41.1 innings – and could fetch New York a great price.

3. Jonathan Lucroy, C Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers (39-52) are just a little better than the Reds in the NL Central, meaning this is another lost season. If they want to further their rebuilding efforts, catcher Jonathan Lucroy is a good place to start. Most teams don’t like bringing in catchers mid-season, but Lucroy is a different matter. He’s not only a great defensive catcher, but his bat has bounced back (.305, 12HR). Teams that are interested in Lucroy’s combination of batting and defense include the New York Mets, Texas Rangers, and Cleveland Indians.

4. Jake Odorizzi, P Tampa Bay Rays

jake-odorizzi-tradeAt 36-57, Tampa Bay is looking to move some players, especially members of their pitching staff. Jake Odorizzi is a prime candidate to be moved because he has the combination of talent and a friendly contract ($500k this year). What works in interested teams’ favor is that Odorizzi had had a down year (4-5, 4.39 ERA), which should give them some negotiation leverage next season. Beyond this, the right-hander is only 26 years old, meaning he could be part of a rotation for years to come. That said, expect Odorizzi to be gone before the trade deadline.

5. Rich Hill, P Oakland Athletics

rich-hill-oaklandPlaying in a tough AL West, the A’s have had a disappointing season (42-52) thus far. Rich Hill has been one of the lone bright spots, going 9-3 with a 2.25 ERA and 90 strikeouts. Any team that trades for Hill would get an immediate ace to further their World Series aspirations. The only problems with Hill include his age (36) and injury history. But considering that he’s the best pitcher on the market right now, at least one contender will go after him hard.