James Rodriguez to cash in on World Cup Fame with Real Madrid

james-rodriguez-real-madrid-dealJames Rodriguez was definitely the breakout star of the 2014 World Cup. The Colombian midfielder scored six goals, which was more than any other player this summer and the performance earned him the World Cup Golden Boot award. Now it looks like Rodriguez is set to cash in on his spectacular play since Real Madrid will pay a fortune to buy out his contract from AS Monaco.

Rodriguez has agreed to personal terms with Real Madrid for €7.5 million per season, and the only thing left to do is for both teams to come to a financial agreement. According to the Daily Mail, the current holdup seems to be Monaco’s insistence that Real increase their offer from €75 million to €85 million. But regardless of how this all plays out, it seems to be a done deal since Rodriguez is reportedly house shopping in Spain’s capital city.

The main question now is where Rodriguez will fit into Real Madrid’s plans. The front line includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karem Benzema while Real also bought Toni Kroos’ contract from Bayern Munich for $30 million. There’s midfielder Angel di Maria to consider here as well, however, reports suggest that he’ll be sold to make way for Rodriguez. This would put the 23-year-old in a familiar attacking midfielder role with Ronaldo, Bale and Benezema playing ahead of him.

It’ll be interesting to see how Rodriguez performs when he arrives in Madrid. Last season, he only scored nine goals for AS Monaco before emerging as a star and dazzling everybody in Brazil’s World Cup. As Bleacher Report predicts, Rodriguez could one day be looked at as the replacement for Ronaldo’s firepower. The do-it-all Portugal striker dealt with a number of injuries last season, which carried on into the 2014 World Cup. And while Ronaldo very well may bounce back from these injuries, his age doesn’t suggest that he’ll be playing at a world-class level for much longer than 3-4 years.

This is where Rodriguez comes into play because he’s already shown flashes of brilliance, yet still has plenty of room to grow as a player. But as for now, Rodriguez looks to fit into the midfield along with Kroos and Luka Modric.