Aaron Rodgers equals Michael Jordan?

aaron-rodgers-michael-jordanAaron Rodgers has always been a great quarterback. But this year, he’s been absolutely on fire, boasting a 135.4 QBR along with 10 touchdowns and zero interceptions. And perhaps this is why Green Bay backup quarterback Scott Tolzien thought it appropriate to compare No. 12 to basketball great Michael Jordan.

“I mean, it’s like watching Jordan in his prime,” Tolzien told ESPN Wisconsin. “He’s at the top of his game. He makes it go.”

Tolzien’s comments came after the Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 38-28 last weekend. In the game, Rodgers was near perfect, completing 24 of 35 passes for 333 yards, 5 touchdowns and no interceptions. If there was any downside to the performance, it’s that the game dropped his outstanding completion percentage down to 73.6% on the season. Given the constant blitzes that Kansas City was throwing at Green Bay’s signal caller all game, one can’t blame him for missing a few throws.

So what does Rodgers think of the comparison to Jordan falling the Chiefs’ victory?

“Well, I appreciate the kind words,” he said regarding Tolzien’s comments. “I don’t know if the comparison is … I’m not worthy of that comparison. I enjoyed watching Michael. I was a big fan as a kid.”

aaron-rodgers-vs-patriotsRodgers added, “It’s a nice comparison. I’m just trying to be a guy they can count on every week. I know my play is very important to this team, but it takes all the guys that dress playing well for us to win.”

He’s being more than just a guy who can be counted on to help the team win. Few would argue that there’s a better QB in the league right now, and Rodgers continues to amaze, despite losing one of his top-two receiving options, Jordy Nelson, at the beginning of the year. And it doesn’t really seem to matter who Rodgers is throwing the ball to on a nightly basis.

Davante Adams had to leave the contest against the Chiefs, so in stepped long-time veteran James Jones, who capitalized with 139 receiving yards. After the game, Jones wholeheartedly agreed with Tolzien’s comparison to Jordan.

“I think Tolzien said it best the other day, it’s like watching Michael Jordan in his prime,” Jones said. “Every time he goes out there, the dude does something special. Like I’ve been saying these first three weeks, we’re all witnessing something special. We probably won’t realize it until he’s done and retired how good he was.”

If there’s one distinction that the 31-year-old quarterback needs to make to equal Jordan’s greatness, it would probably be a few more Super Bowl rings. While Jordan was a prolific scorer in his career, he was best known for winning six NBA Championships during his prime. Rodgers did win Super Bowl XLV along with the game’s MVP award, but his Packers have been looking for another title the past four years. Given the way that Green Bay is playing to open the year, they are certainly playing like a team that could win its second championship in five years.

2015 NBA Finals Betting: Key Matchups for Cavs vs Warriors

cleveland-vs-golden-state-bettingThe 2015 NBA Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers is set to commence on June 4th (Thursday) at 9:00pm ET. Most online sportsbooks, including us at GTBets.eu, are heavily favoring the Warriors on the Game 1 betting line; we have Golden State at -6. However, when you have LeBron James on your side like the Cavs do, anything can happen. But this series is about more than just LeBron vs. the Warriors, so let’s discuss some of the key matchups that we’ll see.

1. Stephen Curry vs. Kyrie Irving

This should decidedly be in Golden State’s favor, given that Curry is the reigning league MVP and Irving hasn’t been healthy since the first round of the playoffs. And Irving says that “it would be a miracle” if he were 100% for Game 1. It will be interesting to see how much Irving can slow down Curry since the latter is shooting a blistering 43.7% from beyond the arc in the playoffs. Expect plenty of Matthew Dellavedova for the Cavs here too, because he’s a pesky defender who can pressure Curry.

Advantage: Warriors

NBA: Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors2. Klay Thompson vs. Iman Shumpert

Here’s a classic offense vs. defense matchup, with Thompson being the offense and Shumpert being the defense. Thompson was off his 3-point game in the Houston series. But overall, he’s still hitting 42.5% from the 3-point line in the 2015 postseason. Shumpert has actually shot pretty well in the playoffs too (36.8% from 3-point), but his tough defense is what will test an elite shooter like Thompson.

Advantage: Warriors

3. Tristan Thompson vs. Draymond Green

Let this season be the year that both Thompson and Green emerged as big-time players. As for Thompson, nobody has been able to keep him off the offensive glass ever since Kevin Love went down with a shoulder injury. Given that Thompson even dominated the Bulls’ big front line on the boards, don’t expect the Warriors to slow him down. As for Green, he’s one of the league’s best defensive players and he’s also a very good rebounder (10.8 in postseason). He’ll be trying to slow down both Thompson and LeBron at different points of this series.

Advantage: Cavs

4. Timofey Mozgov vs. Andrew Bogut

There couldn’t be a more even matchup in the Cavs vs. Warriors series, considering that Bogut and Mozgov do many of the same things. Both are strong defenders who can protect the rim, so I expect a stalemate here. However, if one of these two is able to play bigger than the other, it could swing the series dramatically in favor of their respective team.

Advantage: Draw

5. Warriors Bench vs. Cavs Bench

Based on talent alone, this matchup easily goes towards the Golden State reserves. Andre Iguodala, Festus Ezeli, Leandro Barbosa and Shaun Livingston could all start on (certain) other teams in the league, yet they are coming off the Warriors’ bench to fill various roles. But that’s not to say Cleveland’s bench is chopped liver, because they feature Dellavedova, James Jones and J.R. Smith. The problem is just that they don’t have much size in the normal bench rotation.

Advantage: Warriors

cavs-vs-warriorsSuperstar Factor

On paper, the Warriors have more advantages; but as mentioned before, you can’t immediately discount a LeBron James-led team. Many consider him the best player in the world – despite Curry winning the MVP – and he’ll get a chance to prove he’s still on top in this series. The Warriors are no doubt the ultimate NBA Finals test, so can the Cavs hang?

Advantage: Cavaliers