NBA Power Rankings: Feb 8, 2016

golden-state-vs-okcGolden State proves that the rich keep getting richer as they’ve ripped off a 9-game win streak, extending their West lead over San Antonio to three and a half games. So it’s little surprise that they retain the top spot in our power rankings. See where everybody else ranks this week below, and take a look at last week’s rankings here.

1. Golden State Warriors (46-4); same spot – A 116-108 win over Oklahoma City further cements the Warriors’ firm grasp on the top spot. Aside from the occasional surprise loss, it’s hard to see anybody beating Golden State this year.

2. San Antonio Spurs (43-8); same spot – The Spurs have kept their perfect 28-0 home record intact, and they’re currently on a 4-game win streak.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (38-14); up 1 spot – Oklahoma City played Golden State better than any other top-tier team recently. They even tied the game at 104-104 late, before eventually succumbing to Steph Curry.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers (36-14); down 1 spot – The Cavs got an easy win over an injury-riddled New Orleans team to take the sting out of their last-second loss to Boston.

5. Toronto Raptors (34-16); same spot – Toronto is truly a threat to take the top seed in the East from Cleveland. They square off again on February 26.

kevin-durant6. LA Clippers (34-17); same spot – Could the Clippers possibly deal Blake Griffin for Kevin Durrant? Rumors are swirling as the Clippers continue to win without Griffin on the floor.

7. Memphis Grizzlies (30-21); same spot – While the rest of the league is playing small ball, Memphis is proving that you can still win when playing big.

8. Boston Celtics (31-22); up 2 spots – The Celtics big road win over the Cavs proves that they’re a formidable foe in the Eastern Conference. You almost wonder if they’ll be better off avoiding any major trades this year.

9. Miami Heat (29-23); same spot – Hassan Whiteside’s emergence continues after a 10-point, 10-rebound, 10-block triple double against the Hornets. It makes you wonder why he only plays 28 minutes per game.

10. Atlanta Hawks (30-23); up 2 spots – Atlanta is another team stuck in the middle between making a big trade or making a serious playoff run.

11. Chicago Bulls (27-23); down 3 spots– Chicago is just 3-7 in their last 10 games and playing far lower than their talent level suggests. Could Fred Hoiberg be on the hot seat already if things get any worse?

12. Dallas Mavericks (29-25); down 1 spot – The Mavs had been flailing, with losses to the Hawks, Heat and Spurs. However, they got a big win over Memphis at the end of this gauntlet.

indiana-paul-george13. Indiana Pacers (27-24); same spot – The Pacers are finally healthy with George Best back and running the point. Now Paul George just needs to return to his early-season dominance.

14. Detroit Pistons (27-25); same spot – Detroit’s schedule has gotten much tougher lately, so there’s a good explanation for their recent lack of wins.

15. Houston Rockets (27-26); same spot – Houston has lost 4 out of their past 6, and now they have the unfortunate task of meeting the Warriors on Tuesday.

16. Utah Jazz (25-25); up 5 spots – The Jazz now own the second-longest winning streak in the league right now at 6. Of course, it helps that the Bulls are the only team they’ve played with a winning record in the last 6 contests.

17. Charlotte Hornets (23-25); same spot – Charlotte has been excellent in Time Warner Arena with an 18-9 record. If only they could improve on that 7-17 road mark…

18. Washington Wizards (22-27); down 2 spots – Washington is a rare team that plays far better on the road, sporting an 11-11 record away and an 11-16 record on their home floor.

damian-lillard-portland-trailblazers19. Portland Trailblazers (25-27); same spot – The Trail Blazers are the only West team within striking distance of Utah for the final playoff spot.

20. Orlando Magic (22-28); same spot – Orlando had a terrible month in January, and they’re just 2-8 in their last 10 contests. So they’ll look to put all this behind them as we move into February.

21. New York Knicks (23-31); down 3 spots – The Knicks fired Derek Fisher, which may be a good move considering that their talented roster is just 1-9 in their last 10 games.

22. Sacramento Kings (21-30); same spot – New York isn’t the only team that could be firing their coach. George Karl is on the hot seat once again amid the Kings’ 3-game losing streak.

23. Denver Nuggets (21-31); up 2 spots – Despite being far less talented than many teams in the league, Denver has played respectable as of late.

24. Milwaukee Bucks (20-32); down 1 spot – Milwaukee has really taken a step back this season, and things aren’t getting any better after the team has lost five straight games.

25. New Orleans Pelicans (18-32); down 1 spot – Any chance of making a run for the final postseason spot appears to be slipping away from the Pelicans. Of course, they can’t be blamed with all their injuries this season.

NBA: Preseason-Minnesota Timberwolves at Oklahoma City Thunder26. Minnesota Timberwolves (16-36); same spot – Minnesota won just two games in January. They’ve already matched that total in Feb. with big victories over the Bulls and Clippers.

27. Brooklyn Nets (13-39); up 1 spot – As if Brooklyn doesn’t already have enough problems, they are also dealing with some pretty terrible TV ratings too.

28. Phoenix Suns (14-38); down 1 spot – Earl Watson stepped into an impossible situation in Phoenix – an injury plagued team that hasn’t won much in the last two months.

29. L.A. Lakers (11-42); same spot – It’s been nice seeing Kobe Bryant looking like his old self over the past week. He’s averaging over 28 points a game in his last four contests, with two of these being wins.

30. Philadelphia 76ers (8-43); same spot – If nothing else, the Sixers are proving that they may be better than other league doormats after wins over Phoenix and Brooklyn in the last six games.

NBA Power Rankings: Jan 16, 2016

spurs-vs-cavsThe game of the week was definitely the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. San Antonio Spurs, with the latter taking a 99-95 victory on their home court. But is this enough to push the Spurs past the Golden State Warriors in our latest NBA power rankings? Take a look for yourself below.

1. Golden State Warriors (37-3); same spot – The Warriors may have lost to the Nuggets the other night, but they’ve also been dealing with injuries and resting Draymond Green for two games.

2. San Antonio Spurs (35-6); same spot – San Antonio is now riding a 10-game win streak and holds a 23-0 home mark. The gap between the Spurs and Warriors is closing.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers (28-10); same spot – Despite the loss to the Spurs, Cleveland comes away from their 6-game road trip with a 5-1 record.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder (29-12); same spot – Oklahoma recently lost to Sacramento at home, but the asterisk here is that Kevin Durant sat with a sprained toe.

5. LA Clippers (26-13); up 2 spots – Like San Antonio, L.A. is also on a 10-game win streak, and they’re looking like a serious West contender again.

demarre-carroll-raptors6. Toronto Raptors (25-15); up 2 spots – Toronto’s revamped, defensive-minded team seems to be paying dividends right now.

7. Chicago Bulls (23-16); down 2 spots – Fresh off a 53-point outing, Jimmy Butler is all that’s keeping this shaky Chicago team together while they deal with chemistry issues.

8. Miami Heat (23-17); down 2 spots – Hassan Whiteside certainly impressed with his 19-point, 17-rebound, 11-block triple-double against the Nuggets.

9. Atlanta Hawks (23-17); same spot – This isn’t the same red-hot start that Atlanta had last season; but they are still hanging around the top of the East.

10. Dallas Mavericks (23-18); up 1 spot – After taking Cleveland to overtime, Dallas followed this up by holding Chicago to just 77 points in an 83-77 victory.

11. Indiana Pacers (22-18); down 1 spot – The Pacers have lost three of their last four and will look to get back on track at home against Denver.

12. Memphis Grizzlies (22-19); up 2 spots – Memphis edges Detroit out for this spot after beating the Pistons 103-101 on Thursday.

andre-drummond-detroit13. Detroit Pistons (21-18); down 1 spot – Andre Drummond just got passed by Carmelo Anthony in the All-Star voting, but he should be assured a spot anyways.

14. Boston Celtics (21-19); up 1 spot – Boston has been pretty good on the road (10-9) this season, but pretty bad in close games, going 0-5 in contests decided by 3 or fewer points.

15. Houston Rockets (21-20); up 2 spots – Houston has played better lately, but they looked lifeless against the Cavaliers last night.

16. Orlando Magic (20-19); down 3 spots – The Magic have really been getting beat up in the Southeast Division, going 1-6 against their division this year.

17. Washington Wizards (19-19); up 2 spots – Washington is finally getting healthy, and it’s resulted in a 4-game win streak.

18. New York Knicks (20-21); down 2 spots – New York keeps flirting with playoff positioning, but they just haven’t been able to get over the hump.

19. Charlotte Hornets (18-21); down 1 spot – Charlotte is just 2-8 in their last 10 games and is fading from the postseason picture.

demarcus-cousins-trade-120. Sacramento Kings (16-23); same spot – Thursday, the Kings bettered their playoff hopes with a 103-101 victory in Utah.

21. Utah Jazz (17-22); same spot – Utah has fared much better against the East (8-5) than they have against their own conference (9-17).

22. Portland Trailblazers (18-24); same spot – Portland is another West team battling for the last playoff spot, and they’ve gotten to this position with a 3-game win streak.

23. Denver Nuggets (15-25); up 1 spot – Don’t count the Nuggets out just yet. They have Emmanuel Mudiay and SF Danilo Gallinari back from ankle injuries.

24. Milwaukee Bucks (17-25); down 1 spot – Giannis Antetokounmpo put up 28 points and 16 boards to help Milwaukee take down Atlanta 108-101 last night.

25. New Orleans Pelicans (13-26); same spot – New Orleans schedule is getting easier, but is it too late for them to make a playoff push?

26. Phoenix Suns (13-28); up 1 spot – Phoenix finally halted their lengthy losing streak with a win over Charlotte.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves (12-29); down 1 spot – Losers of 9 straight, Minnesota’s young lineup is definitely going through growing paints right now.

28. Brooklyn Nets (11-29); same spot – Will Brooklyn ownership give up their delusions of competing for a title in the near future? If so, they should start trading away their veteran assets now.

29. L.A. Lakers (9-32) – There’s been talk that Kobe Bryant should be shut down this season, but we doubt he’s on board with this during his retirement tour.

30. Philadelphia 76ers (4-37) – Philadelphia has lost their last four games, but they are at least competitive in most contests now, thanks to new PG Ish Smith.