DeAndre Yedlin drawing Major Interest from 2 Championship Teams

deandre-yedlin-plays-tottenham-1According to rumors, Tottenham Hotspurs right-back DeAndre Yedlin may be loaned to another club in the near future. And this has left many contemplating exactly where the 21-year-old will end up.

It’s being suggested Bolton or Derby County could be where Yedlin lands on a loan. Both are in the Championship league, which is a notch below the Premier League. But as it stands, Yedlin is currently behind both Kyle Walker and the recently signed Kieran Trippier on the Suprs’ depth chart. And in the Championship league, he would get considerable playing time compared to the sparse amounts that he played for Tottenham last season.

Yedlin was brought over from the Seattle Sounders for £2.5 million, in a move that was officially completed in January. His only appearance for the Spurs’ first team was when he came on as a substitute against Aston Villa.

Assuming Tottenham loaned Yedlin out to Derby County, the latter would be an excellent spot in terms of development. Not only is Derby one of the better Championship teams, but they were also really fun to watch under now-Newcastle manager Steve McClaren. If he were to go to Bolton, Yedlin wouldn’t be on as good of a team, but first-team playing time would almost be guaranteed.

deandre-yedlin-plays-tottenhamAs for the Championship league in general, the competition is about equal to what Yedlin experienced in the MLS. And given his heavy international experience with Team USA in recent times, he would be well prepared for Championship play.

A loan to another Premier League team still isn’t out of the question either. Norwich City, which was promoted to the Premier League again, could use a good right-back like Yedlin, and it would give the latter some great experience. After all, there’s no competition like the EPL to groom a player into the type of star defender that Tottenham is looking for.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what the Spurs do with their talented youngster this off season. He’ll be playing international matches for USA off and on in the meantime and bettering his skills.

5 Takeaways from USA Soccer’s 2-1 Victory over Germany

usa-vs-germany-2015Just a week after their big win over the Netherlands, Team USA earned a 2-1 victory over defending World Cup champion Germany. This now marks two victories over top-ranked international squads, causing many to wonder where the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) is headed. It definitely feels like good things are coming in the future, that’s for sure. But what exactly is it that’s going so right for this team, which, despite a Round-of-16 World Cup appearance, seemed over-matched against soccer’s elite? Let’s analyze five points from the 2-1 win over Germany to determine what they are doing right now.

1. As Michael Bradley goes, the US goes

The 2014 World Cup wasn’t Michael Bradley’s finest hour, as the American midfielder had some tough games. But you’d never know that by looking at the 27-year-old now. Bradley played an excellent field game against the Netherlands, then followed up this performance with another gem against Germany. In fact, it was his sweet cross-field pass that set up the game-tying goal. Assuming USA is to win the Gold Cup next month, they’ll need Bradley to at least be on his A or B-game. Considering the latest results, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

2. USA is winning without Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore

clint-dempsey-ghanaOne year ago, if you were to tell a die-hard soccer fan that USA would beat both the Netherlands and Germany without Clint Dempsey (child born) and Jozy Altidore (injury), they’d think you were crazy. And crazy is definitely the right word for what the Americans have done without their star players against top-flight international competition. Sure, these are only friendlies, and teams are always utilizing tweaked lineups that aren’t their best. But still, when you have an unknown like Bobby Wood step up and nail game-winning goals, it has to be encouraging for the overall US soccer system. On a side note, Wood isn’t even on the 35-man provisional roster for the Gold Cup.

3. The Americans have Incredible Speed

This American squad can definitely match other teams in regard to speed. This is especially the case with DeAndre Yedlin, Gyasi Zardes and Jordan Morris, who can create mismatches with their running ability. Teams will definitely have trouble containing Yedlin and Zardes on the flanks, which will give USA plenty of scoring chances in future international matches. So suddenly, the Americans, who featured below-average speed at the World Cup, have changed one of their greatest weaknesses into a huge asset.

4. The Tough, Grind-till-the-End Mentality is Back

While USA may not have been the most-talented team at the 2014 Cup, they did earn lots of praise for their never-quit attitude. Unfortunately, this mentality was largely missing in late 2014 and early ’15 matches, where they lost embarrassingly to Ireland (4-1), Chile (3-1) and even Denmark (3-2). However, things are looking up again as the USA toughness is back, and they’re grinding matches out until the end while waiting for their opportunities. And these opportunities definitely did come late against both the Netherlands and Germany.

5. Every Player has to compete for their Spot

Soccer: Friendly-USA vs GermanyUnder Jurgen Klinsmann, there’s no complacency in regard to a player’s international roster spot. As we saw with Landon Donovan before the 2014 Cup, Klinsmann won’t let big names decide who plays and who doesn’t. That said, there are a few players who’ve shown enough to be safe, including Bradley, Yedlin, Dempsey, Altidore, John Brooks, Fabian Johnson, Zardes, Brad Guzan and Nick Rimando. However, from an overall perspective, Klinsmann is bringing a real European attitude to the table, where every spot is up for competition and players need to work hard to start, no matter how talented they are.

USA Star DeAndre Yedlin now playing for Tottenham Hotspur First Team

deandre-yedlin-plays-tottenhamAmerican DeAndre Yedlin, who became famous for his breakout performance this summer, got his first chance to play for Tottenham Hotspur, subbing in at the 79th minute against Aston Villa.

Unfortunately, Yedlin couldn’t do anything to sway the tide for the Spurs, who lost 1-0 to Aston Villa. But it’s encouraging news for the 21-year-old Yedlin, who could be seeing more time with Tottenham’s first team in the near future.

Yedlin burst on to the main stage at the 2014 World Cup, where his beautiful pass to Clint Dempsey helped Team USA take a 2-1 lead over Portugal. The match ended in a 2-2 tie, but if it hadn’t been for Yedlin subbing in, it’s possible that the Americans could have lost the match and missed advancing to the Round of 16. The former Seattle Sounders right back also delivered a nice cross to Dempsey against Germany; but the latter couldn’t quite head the ball in during a 1-0 loss.

Following three notable World Cup appearances for Team USA, Yedlin signed a four-year deal worth £2.5 million with Tottenham. He remained with Seattle, until they were eliminated by the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS Playoffs on Nov. 30. From here, he traveled to White Hart Lane to play with Tottenham, one of the better teams in the Premier League this season.

Now, four months after crossing the pond, Yedlin is getting his chance to shine. He had some notable moments in the Aston Villa match, with one being the corner he gave up in the 83rd minute. However, this was by no means a poor play since he was matched up with Villa star Christian Benteke (10 goals), and definitely gave the taller opponent a tough challenge. The one questionable play he made was losing sight of Villa’s Fabian Delph, before being saved by Spurs goalie Michel Vorm, who made a nice deflection.

deandre-yedlin-plays-tottenham-1Any mistakes made by Yedlin should be forgiven since he hasn’t played any meaningful league action since late November. He spent his winter training with Tottenham’s under-21 team and got called up to action this past weekend. Yedlin also appeared in three friendlies for the USA national team from January to March.

Speaking of which, USA head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has repeatedly expressed a desire to see more of his national players compete in tougher leagues than the MLS. And while MLS has made great strides in terms of talent, they still lag behind superior leagues such as Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League and Serie A.

Yedlin is definitely one player who’s heard the call because he’s playing in what’s arguably the world’s toughest soccer league. And, unlike many Americans who’ve flamed out overseas, Yedlin is already getting meaningful playing time at the age of 21. However, he’ll need to make the most of his minutes because Spurs defender Kyle Walker is due back from a foot injury soon, meaning Yedlin’s opportunities could be reduced if he doesn’t seize the moment.

Analysis of US Men’s Soccer 2-0 Win over Panama

michael-bradley-vs-panamaThe US Men’s soccer team concluded their offseason friendly schedule with a 2-0 win over Panama. Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley provided the two goals, with the latter bending a beautiful corner kick straight into the net. The results were definitely great for the USMNT, as they snapped a five-match winless streak. Furthermore, Jurgen Klinsmann got just his second victory since the 2014 World Cup. So what are the implications from this win moving forward?

The Team is Finally back on the Winning Track

Klinsmann continues tinkering with his lineup, this time going with a 4-2-3-1 formation and Jozy Altidore as the lone striker. Dempsey played behind Altidore in his natural position and did really well while adding another career international goal. Bradley added some insurance to boost the Americans to their first win in a while. Sure, the victory doesn’t count for anything because it’s merely a friendly. However, the win should propel US Men’s soccer as they head towards more-serious 2018 World Cup qualification matches.

The Stars are playing Well

clint-dempsey-vs-panamaComing into this match, some were beginning to question where Bradley fits into the USMNT’s plans moving forward. Well, he’s still one of the biggest names on the US team and he definitely played like it against Panama. If nothing else, Bradley will be taking all future corner kicks for the American squad….but he’s likely to have a much larger role. And Dempsey certainly looks comfortable playing behind Altidore, which could lead to more experimentation with the 4-2-3-1 formation. Klinsmann hopes to develop more stars within the next three and a half years, but for now, Bradley and Dempsey will continue carrying the banner.

The Defense could improve

The downside of the much-discussed 4-2-3-1 is that it led to some defensive questions. DeAndre Yedlin and Matt Besler were the only true defenders on the back line, while Jermaine Jones played center back and Brek Shea started at left back. Yedlin looked pretty mediocre on the right side before leaving in the 72nd minute following a rough challenge. Shea has good attacking skills, however, his defense could be exploited by better teams. Luckily, Panama didn’t give the Americans too many challenges to worry about in this contest.

Moving Forward

CONCACAF qualifying starts on March 25th, with the US Men’s soccer team traveling to Denmark to face a competent Danish team. From there, it’s on to Switzerland on March 31st, and back to San Antonio, Texas on April 15th for a match against Mexico. All of these games will challenge the Americans and show what the team is really made of. But despite the step up in competition, you can bet that Klinsmann will continue trying different formations in an attempt to find his team’s sweet spot. With the 2018 World Cup quite a ways off, the German-born head coach still had plenty of time to get this team’s confidence and performance up.

World Cup Star Julian Green eager to prove himself to Bayern Munich

julian-green-bayern-munichJulian Green didn’t get a lot of playing time for the USA men’s soccer team during the 2014 World Cup. But when the 19-year-old did see the field, he made every minute count after scoring the lone goal in a 2-1 knockout round loss to Belgium. After proving himself in the World Cup, the next step for Green will be staying on with one of the best soccer clubs in the world, Bayern Munich.

Despite his young age, the German-American hopes that he can make the Bundesliga league champions’ roster, rather than being sent out on loan. “I’m not thinking about a loan,” Green said. “Right now I’m playing for Bayern Munich, and I’m happy about that. I want to stay.”

If there’s one thing that Green can take solace in, it’s that head coach Pep Guardiola plans on keeping him in a Bayern red and white jersey. Guardiola even commented that he wants the youngster to “play as much as possible” on the team’s preseason tour in America.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Green won’t have to play well in the coming weeks. His first chance will be when Bayern takes on the Mexican club Chivas Guadalajara on July 31st in suburban New York. Then he’ll play against many of his teammates from the USA team on August 6th, when the Munich squad takes on the MLS All-Stars.

julian-green-bayern-munich julian-green-bayern-munich-1“I just want to show the coach and the team that I can help them. If I get my chance, I’ll try my best. I’m waiting for my chance.” Green added, “The relationship (with Guardiola) is very good. I feel the trust with him, and it’s very important for a young player to feel the trust from the coach. I want to repay the trust from him.”

In addition to preparing for Bayern’s upcoming season, Green will also reconnect with Team USA on September 3rd, when they take on the Czech Republic. This match will begin the Americans’ long journey towards Russia and the 2018 World Cup. Jurgen Klinsmann has said publicly that the goal of this first year’s World Cup qualification will be to break in the new players.

This means that we’ll see a healthy dose of Green, DeAndre Yedlin and John Brooks, three players who got to shine against Belgium. Green commented on this by saying, “I think it’s very important to give the young guys a chance to play. I think we did a good job – me or DeAndre Yedlin or John Anthony Brooks. We have a lot of young, good players, and I’m looking forward to playing with them.”

But for now, the immediate goal remains sticking with Bayern Munich and finding playing time on an elite European club – one that boasts plenty of players from Germany’s World Cup champion squad.