Rajon Rondo Rumors: A Trade to Dallas?

rajon-rondo-mavericks-tradeRumors have been surrounding the possibility of the Boston Celtics trading point guard Rajon Rondo for over a year. However, it seems like these trade rumors have been getting more heavy recently, with the Dallas Mavericks emerging as a very interested suitor.

The Mavericks’ current starting point guard is Jameer Nelson, who’s averaging 7.3 PPG, 4.1 APG and 2.7 APG. They’ve also heavily rotated in Devin Harris (9.1 PPG, 4.0 APG) and JJ Barea (7.9 PPG, 3.8 APG) at the position. However, reports indicate that Dallas wants to bolster their backcourt¬†with Rondo, a do-it-all player who’s averaging 8.3 PPG, 10.8 APG and 7.5 RPG. If they were to pair the All-Star with shooting guard Monta Ellis (20.6 PPG, 4.7 APG), they’d instantly have one of the league’s best backcourts. Furthermore, it would increase Dallas’ (19-8 record) chances of contending for the title.

Obviously acquiring Rondo won’t come cheap, and Boston GM Danny Ainge is looking to get the maximum value out of his team’s greatest on-court asset. Sources believe that Ainge could be taking a long-term approach to rebuilding that includes stockpiling more draft picks. They already have two first-round picks coming from the slumping Brooklyn Nets over the next three years. And Ainge is fielding offers for forward Jeff Green, wanting at least a first-round pick in exchange.

rajon-rondo-mavericks-trade-1Dallas, still in win-now mode, would have no trouble giving up at least one first-round pick. They spent $46 million to sign small forward Chandler Parsons (16.0 PPG, 5.0 RPG) this offseason and would have a decent chance of re-signing a star player like Rondo. The past point is key because Rondo seems very reluctant to re-sign with Boston this summer and be a part of a long-term rebuilding effort.

At 28 and with eight seasons under his belt, the 6.1″ guard is entering the prime years of his career. Injuries have plagued Rondo over the past three seasons, but this year, he finally seems healthy again and is playing All-Star caliber basketball. That said, the timing of a Rondo trade makes sense now because the Celtics want to trade him while he’s healthy and playing well, while the Mavericks are looking to do anything to close the gap between them and first-place Golden State (21-3 record).

So if you’re into Boston Celtics or Dallas Mavericks betting, keep this potential blockbuster deal in mind. After all, Rondo going to the Mavericks would certainly shake up their lineup and create some different lines surrounding their games.