2015 NFL Power Rankings Week 7

Wild Card Playoffs - San Diego Chargers v Cincinnati BengalsFew would have predicted that the Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers would still be among the unbeatens through six weeks of NFL action. But here we are and their records remain unblemished. See where Cincy and Carolina sit in our NFL Week 7 power rankings. Also, check out our rankings from Week 6.

1. New England Patriots (5-0); beat Indianapolis Colts 34-27, same spot – Through five games, New England has scored one more point (183) than they did in their 2007 undefeated season (182).

2. Green Bay Packers (6-0); beat San Diego 27-20, same spot – Green Bay’s undefeated record will face a serious test after their bye week; they meet Denver then Carolina.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (6-0); beat Buffalo Bills 34-21, same spot – Cincinnati looks poised to blow open what looked to be an extremely tough AFC North at the outset.

4. Denver Broncos (6-0); beat Cleveland Browns 26-23, same spot – Peyton Manning has 10 interceptions, his most at this point since his rookie season (14).

Cam Newton5. Carolina Panthers (5-0); beat Seattle 27-23, up 2 spots – Cam Newton has been masterful in the fourth quarter (94.1 QBR); but he’s been terrible in the first three quarters (37.1 QBR).

6. Arizona Cardinals (4-2); lost to Pittsburgh 25-13, down 1 spot – Arizona has lost the battle of turnovers in their two losses (-6 differential).

7. New York Jets (4-1); beat Washington 34-20, up 1 spot – Chris Ivory is having a career year so far, averaging 115.0 rushing yards per game.

8. Atlanta Falcons (5-1); lost to New Orleans 31-21, down 1 spot – The Falcons finally lost one of the four games that they’ve trailed entering the fourth quarter.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2); beat Arizona 25-13, up 1 spot  – Despite trotting out three quarterbacks so far, Pittsburgh only has 3 turnovers – best in the NFL.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3); beat New York Giants, up 4 spots  – Philly finally has that vaunted rushing attack going; they’re averaging 154.7 rushing yards in their three wins.

11. Buffalo Bills (3-3); lost to Cincinnati 34-21, same spot – Will Mario William’s complaints about the defense spark this team’s feared front four?

12. Indianapolis Colts (3-3); lost to New England 34-27, same spot – The Colts have yet to win a game outside their division, but the good news is that they only play AFC South opponents until Week 14.

kam-chancellor-seattle13. Seattle Seahawks (2-4); lost to Carolina 27-23, down 4 spots – Seattle has been really bad at holding leads; their -28 point differential in the fourth quarter is second worst in the league.

14. Minnesota Vikings (3-2); beat Kansas City 16-10, up 3 spots – Adrian Peterson managed just 60 rushing yards, his fewest in a Minnesota win since 2011.

15. New York Giants (3-3); lost to Philadelphia 27-7, down 2 spots – New York looked hot on their opening drive, then just fizzled the rest of the game.

16. Dallas Cowboys (2-3); bye week, down 1 spot – Dallas gets to debut their changes at various positions coming out of their bye week.

17. St. Louis Rams (2-3); bye week, up 1 spot – Todd Gurley could have his best game yet as he faces Cleveland, the worst rushing defense in the league.

18. San Diego Chargers (2-4); lost to Green Bay 27-20, up 1 spot – San Diego has been competitive all season, it just hasn’t resulted in wins.

19. New Orleans Saints (2-4); beat Atlanta 31-21, up 5 spots – The winning formula for New Orleans: don’t turn the ball over. They’re 2-0 when they do so.

20. Miami Dolphins (2-3); beat Tennessee 38-10, up 6 spots – Miami’s pass rush finally generated the pressure it was supposed to, tallying 6 sacks (4 from Cameron Jordan).

21. Cleveland Browns (2-4); lost to Denver 26-23, down 1 spot – Cleveland has to improve on the fact that they’re giving up an NFL-worst 149.8 rushing yards per game.

calvin-johnson-lions22. Detroit Lions (1-5); beat Chicago 37-34, up 5 spots – Calvin Johnson hadn’t caught a 30+ yard pass since last season, but that’s exactly what he did to give Detroit a win.

23. Chicago Bears (2-4); lost to Detroit 37-34, down 1 spot – If nothing else, Chicago is competitive. They’ve played three straight games that were decided by 3 or fewer points.

24. San Francisco (2-4); beat Baltimore 25-20, up 7 spots – The Niners have been playing some better offense, averaging 26 points and committing no turnovers in the past 2 contests.

25. Oakland Raiders (2-3); bye week, down 2 spots – If there’s some solace for the Raiders, two of their losses have come to Denver and Cincy.

26. Houston Texans (2-4); beat Jacksonville 31-20, up 2 spots – Houston will look to go 3-0 against Florida this week as they face Miami.

27. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5); lost to Minnesota 16-10, down 11 spots – No Jamaal Charles…Jeremy Maclin concussed, things are not going good for the Chiefs.

28. Washington Redskins (2-4); lost to NY Jets 34-20, down 3 spots – After leading the NFL in rushing through the first four games, Washington has only averaged 42.5 rushing yards per game.

29. Baltimore Ravens (1-5); lost to San Francisco 25-20, down 7 spots – While all of Baltimore’s games have been within a touchdown, they’ve been on the losing end too many times.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3); bye week, down 1 spot – Tampa Bay will look to even up their record against a tough Washington defense.

31. Tennessee Titans (1-4); lost to Miami 38-10, down 1 spot – After winning their first game by 28 against Tampa Bay, Tennessee has lost four games by a combined 45 points.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5); lost to Houston 31-20, same spot – Jacksonville still has yet to score a rushing touchdown this season.