Poker Champ Phil Hellmuth makes 2015 March Madness Betting Picks

phil-hellmuth-march-madnessIt turns out that poker isn’t the only thing that 13-time WSOP champ Phil Hellmuth plays. He’s also into sports betting, specifically March Madness betting, and he discussed some of his picks for the 2015 NCAA Tournament with FOX Sports.

So who does he like to win it all? It’s little surprise that Hellmuth has tabbed Kentucky as his odds-on favorite to cut down the nets in Indianapolis. The poker pro has put $20,000 on undefeated Kentucky (35-0), which carries 6-5 odds of winning the Tournament. As for the rest of his sports-betting bankroll, well, it seems like the “Poker Brat” is putting some cash on his favorite team.

“I have to bet the Badgers,” said Hellmuth, who’s a Wisconsin native. “I’m a big Badger fan, I have been forever. I’ve been to like four Rose Bowls, so I’ll always bet the Badgers…and they’re a deep team. I mean (Frank) Kaminsky is great, but…everybody that knows anything about college basketball knows that basically, it was Kentucky that hit a three on us last year in the Final Four! I was like, ‘Miss the shot and we go on!”

Hellmuth adds that he can see Wisconsin making another deep run in 2015 March Madness since they have the experience and depth to do so. And the 50-year-old says that he has no problem betting on the Badgers, whether they’re at 7-1 or 8.5-1 odds (not so much at 6-1, though).

phil-hellmuth-march-madness-1But beyond his home-state team, who else is Hellmuth looking to put money on? He didn’t give many specifics, but his plan is to start “hedging” bets around the Elite Eight in case Kentucky doesn’t win.

“Some time around the Elite Eight, I’ll start hedging,” he told FOX. “Teams in general will be 3-1 to 4-1 underdogs so I’ll bet $2,000 on that team. I they win that game, if Kentucky wins, I’m still alive, I only lose $2,000. If they lose a game, I get $8,000 of my money back. So I’m gonna try and hedge it up and put myself in a position where I’m gonna win $10,000 the final game no matter what happens – and that’s sweet.”

Judging from Hellmuth’s 2015 March Madness betting strategy, it definitely looks like he’s not only putting a lot of faith in Kentucky, but also whatever team he chooses to lay $2k on in the Elite Eight. But then again, this is a guy who’s won 13 WSOP gold bracelets, so it’s a good bet that he knows what he is doing.

Speaking of which, Hellmuth did add that he got the 8.5-1 odds on Wisconsin that he was looking for through an online sportsbook. So we have to toot our own horn here and say that you can get some of the best NCAA Tournament betting odds at That said, check out our college basketball betting section during March Madness and place some wagers on your different picks each round.

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