NBA Power Rankings for March 24th, 2013


The biggest story in the NBA remains Miami’s incredible win streak, which is the second best in NBA history. With 25 straight victories, the Heat need just eight more consecutive wins to tie the 1971-72 LA Lakers for the most … Continue reading

Florida Gulf Coast Basketball – From the Swamp to Prominence


A No. 15 seed beating a No. 2 seed in the NCAA tournament is nothing new. In fact, before Friday night, it had happened six times in college basketball history. However, the seventh time proved to be a charm as … Continue reading

2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket Busters to watch


The 2013 NCAA tournament has already started with North Carolina A&T winning a narrow 73-72 contest against Liberty. Of course, this is just a play-in game, and the real action is set to begin tomorrow night. Both sports bettors and … Continue reading

College Basketball Power Rankings for March 15th, 2013


In the power rankings that we ran last week,¬†Gonzaga moved into the top spot after ending the regular season on a 12-game winning streak. Since they’ve added two more wins in the West Coast Conference tournament, things don’t look to … Continue reading

NBA Power Rankings for March 14th, 2013


At the beginning of February, the top of the NBA looked pretty competitive with several different teams seeming like they could be the league’s best. However, the Miami Heat have easily proven themselves to be number one since then after … Continue reading

Reggie Bush to Lions, Wes Welker out in New England


The NFL offeseason continues to be action-packed as a number of big-name stars are finding their way to new teams. Earlier this week, Percy Harvin found a new home in Seattle after the Minnesota Vikings traded away the fourth-year player.¬†Apparently, … Continue reading