College Football Power Rankings for Nov. 7th, 2012


We’re going to issue a spoiler alert right away and tell you that most of college football’s top teams won last week. However, there were plenty of close games that put these teams in danger of losing their lofty position. … Continue reading

NBA Power Rankings for Nov. 5th, 2012


Now that we’re a few games into the 2012-2013 NBA regular season, we finally get a chance to see how some teams perform when it really counts. Okay, so maybe these first few games don’t count for everything, but they’re … Continue reading

NFL Power Rankings for Nov. 1st, 2012


Last week was one for the favorites since most of the NFL’s top teams were able to win. This being said, there are few changes in the NFL power rankings from our perspective. Nevertheless, there are a few changes within … Continue reading

College Football Power Rankings for Oct. 31st, 2012


It hasn’t been easy sorting out college football’s elite this year because there’s a logjam of stellar unbeaten teams.¬†¬†Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame and Kansas State have all proven themselves worthy of a title shot after surviving a tough schedule and … Continue reading

NBA Power Rankings for Oct. 29th, 2012


A week ago, we did a complete list of power rankings for all 32 NBA teams. Seeing as how the regular season doesn’t officially begin until tonight, we weren’t expecting the rankings to shift much – especially at the top. … Continue reading

NFL Power Rankings for Oct. 25th, 2012


If there’s one glaring aspect that stands out about the NFL hierarchy this season, it’s that the NFC looks poised to win another Super Bowl. The top 10 of our power rankings is mostly comprised of NFC teams, and we … Continue reading