Kobe Bryant not Happy – Lakers continue to struggle


A few weeks ago, we did a piece on if the LA Lakers were a playoff team or not. Our general consensus was that the Lakers were likely to make the playoffs because of the following: 1) Steve Nash wasn’t … Continue reading

Brian Scalabrine dominates Amateurs One-on-One


During his 11-year NBA career, Brian Scalabrine wasn’t exactly considered the most “talented” player. The USC product never possessed great speed, a 40-inch vertical leap, or an incredible outside shooting touch – all of the qualities that a couch potato … Continue reading

NBA Power Rankings for January 18th, 2013


There’s been a lot of jostling around in our NBA power rankings this season with the LA Clippers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs all holding the top spot at some point. Interestingly enough, a fifth team … Continue reading

NFL Power Rankings for January 17th, 2013


Isn’t it amazing what a difference a week can make in the NFL? In our previous power rankings, we were ready to anoint the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl champions three weeks prematurely. But after dropping a shootout against the Ravens, they’re … Continue reading

College Basketball Power Rankings for Jan. 14th, 2013


Now that conference play has opened up throughout college basketball, many of the top teams have found the competition a little tougher. In fact, there are no longer any unbeaten teams left following Duke’s upset loss to NC State. And … Continue reading

NFL Power Rankings for Jan. 11th, 2013


Last week marked a not-so-exciting first round of the 2013 NFL playoffs. Only the Cincinnati Bengals/Houston Texans game was close…but the way that QB Andy Dalton played, it wasn’t really that close. This being said, we expect a little more … Continue reading