A Move to Texas hasn’t cured Prince Fielder’s Struggles


Prince Fielder’s two-year stint in Detroit didn’t exactly end on a positive note. The 5’11”, 275-pound slugger hit a paltry .225 with 0 home runs and RBI’s in the playoffs last year. The ACLS was especially a nightmare as Fielder … Continue reading

Clippers look like Strong Contenders Again after Sterling Ban


A few days ago, we discussed how difficult it would be for the Los Angeles Clippers to battle through the dark cloud hanging over their heads after Donald Sterling’s racist remarks. Later that day, they went on to lose Game … Continue reading

Underdogs faring Well in First Round of 2014 NBA Playoffs


Home court advantage is always nice in the NBA Playoffs. But it by no means guarantees a team of winning a series. Case in point, just look at the insanity that we’re witnessing in the first round of the 2014 … Continue reading

Will Donald Sterling’s Racist Remarks ruin Clippers’ Playoff Chances?


If you are somebody who’s been betting on the Los Angeles Clippers all along in their playoff series against the Golden State Warriors, then you’ve no doubt got to be worried. After all, the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, has lit … Continue reading

Indiana’s Lance Stephenson, Evan Turner got into Fist Fight before Game 1


The other day, we reported on how the Indiana Pacers are looking a little shaky in their series with the Atlanta Hawks. The number-one seeded Pacers were beaten 101-93 in a game where the final score made things appear much … Continue reading

Are the Pacers headed for a First-Round Loss?


One of the big NBA storylines over the past few weeks has been the continued struggles of the Indiana Pacers. After rushing out to a sizable lead in the Eastern Conference, Indiana dropped behind Miami at one point, before finally … Continue reading