Game of Thrones Betting Destroyed by Episode Leaks

game-of-thrones-betting-leaksOnline sportsbooks have done very well with prop bets on the HBO show Game of Thrones. However, Game of Thrones betting has essentially been destroyed by the recent episode leaks.

HBO has been victimized by cyber attacks recently. And this led to script leaks of Games of Thrones’ fourth episode, Spoils of War, and fifth episode, Eastwatch.

This obviously ruined prop bets such as “who will die next” or “who will kill Cersei [Lannister].” And this has led to many online betting sites canceling their odds on Game of Thrones Season 7.

One of the few wagers that hasn’t been ruined by the episode leaks is who’ll sit on the Iron Throne at the end of Season 7. The Iron Throne is for the ruler of the kingdom Westeros, which has driven many of the show’s plots thus far.

How Game of Thrones Odds are Made

Pat Morrow, a head oddsman at a leading internet sportsbook, spoke with Business Insider on the matter. Morrow and other oddsmakers have been tasked with creating unique bets for Game of Thrones. He personally came up with the idea to create prop bets on the show after watching its popularity soar on Twitter.

game-of-thronesMorrow spoke with Business Insider on other factors that go into making lines for the show. Here’s what he had to say:

“There are a lot of different things that drive it. Part of it, I’d say the last couple of seasons — before the TV show not just caught up with the book, but then passed it — I was able to work off of book knowledge. After the fact it was the combination of not just my own knowledge, but also scouring the internet for the best fan theories, and trying to separate the ones that sound fun, and the ones that seem to be a bit more credible.

“And then of course, the last part is profiling. I often use this example, especially when we’re talking about an entertainment setting like this, but someone betting — whether it’s Los Angeles, or someone’s betting from a part of the world were we know they’re filming this, we would take a wager like that much more seriously than we would of someone betting in Iowa City.

“And that’s not to bemoan the great people of Iowa City, but as far as I know, they’re not doing any filming there. So, there’s not the kind of hard math that we prefer to use when we deal with sporting events.”

Most of the lines that sportsbooks have offered on the show are serious bets. But there’s also the occasional long-shot bet that’s offered purely for fun.

“Last season, we put Hodor up on the Iron Throne at 5,000 to 1, and took a few bets for that because we thought we’d have a laugh,” said Morrow.

“And I guess it was worth it for the pay out as well. We tried to post more serious stuff this year. But unfortunately those leaks have hampered us a little bit.”

Other Sources have Crushed the Game of Thrones Betting Industry

frikidoctor-game-of-thronesWhile the episode leaks certainly hurt Game of Thrones betting, other sources have also revealed crucial plot details. This includes a YouTuber who gave away so many details about the first four episodes that sportsbooks chose to remove some/all of their odds.

“He’s not revealing his sources,” Morrow explained, “but as a result, based on his YouTube channel, the entire season has kind of been spoiled, so it’s forced us to pull everything down for the remainder of the season.”

Morrow didn’t offer up the YouTuber’s name. But Business Insider speculates that it could be Frikidoctor. In this case, the source of the leaks is unknown because Frikdoctor won’t divulge this information.

Is Game of Thrones Betting Finished Forever?

Game of Thrones is set for an eighth installment after Season 7 ends. But will all betting lines on the show cease to exist?

Not quite. Morrow said that his sportsbook plans to fix the issue. They’ll release odds on Season 8 immediately after the seventh season ends.

eddard-stark-oddsObviously this limits what sportsbooks can do with Game of Thrones in the future. But betting sites should still have plenty of props to offer based on the final events of Season 7.

Many of these props will likely deal with the deaths of specific characters. After all, Game of Thrones has become famous for killing off popular characters at any moment. Perhaps the best example is Eddard Stark, who was killed towards the end of Season 1.

Eddard was a noble person who seemed like he’d be a major character throughout the show. However, he was executed in Episode 9 of Season 1, much to the shock of Game of Thrones fans.

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