Stupid Injury costs Francisco Liriano $11.75 Million

francisco-lirianoAfter yet another losing season where they finished 79-83, the Pittsburgh Pirates were looking to bolster their pitching staff. And former White Sox pitcher Francisco Liriano was supposed to be a big addition as Pittsburgh was ready to give him a two-year, $12.75 million deal. However, a stupid Christmas Day injury cost Liniano this deal and a whole lot of money.

Apparently, Liriano was “trying to startle his kids” by slamming his arm into a door. And this bit of goofing around was costly as Liriano broke his non-pitching arm. At first, he tried to save face by saying that his broken arm was the result of a bathroom fall in his Dominican Republic house. However, the truth later came out about how the 29-year-old really suffered the injury.

Because the Pirates hadn’t finalized a deal with him already, they were able to back out of the verbal $12.75 million contract. And the two sides came to terms on another deal, which guarantees just $1 million next season. On a positive note, there are some injury-based incentives in the contract that could push his deal back to $12.75m by 2014. But for the time being, he’s basically lost out on $11.75m.

This certainly isn’t the first silly injury to happen to a baseball player during the offseason. Baltimore’s Mark Smith hurt his hand after hitting an air conditioner to see if it was working, while the Diamondbacks’ Adam Eaton accidentally stabbed himself in the stomach while trying to cut open a DVD package. However, neither of these injuries directly ended up costing the players a massive fortune.

Going back to Francisco Liriano, he’ll be hoping to return to the form he had with the Minnesota Twins before 2011. From 2005-2010, the San Cristobal native compiled a 38-32 record with the Twins while keeping his ERA around 3.90. However, the last four years have seen him slip into mediocrity, with Liriano going 21-34 and carrying a 5.30 ERA. Maybe if he can refrain from any more stupid injuries, he’ll experience success with a new team.

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