Floyd Mayweather training like a Madman for Fight against Canelo Alvarez

floyd-mayweather-boxingThe last time Floyd Mayweather stepped into the ring, for a May 4th bout against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, he earned $50 million. This was easily one of the biggest payouts in boxing history, and one that would surely make a fighter lose their hunger.

But here we are less than three months after the Guerrero bout and Mayweather is already back in the gym, training for a September 14th fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The latter has an impressive 42-0-1 record and is coming down in weight to fight Mayweather at a catch of 152 pounds.

Seeing as how Alvarez is the one dropping pounds and already considered the more powerful fighter (30 KO’s in 43 fights), he’s definitely got a shot against “Money.” On the other hand, Alvarez doesn’t have the big fight experience that Mayweather does, which is why most predict Money to run his record to 45-0 following this bout.

floyd-mayweather-boxing-1With Mayweather favored to win again, you’d think that he might be half-assing his training and expecting another easy judges’ decision. However, the truth is that the 36-year-old is training just as hard as ever and taking nothing for granted.

Leonard Ellerbe, who’s the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, is just as impressed with the boxer’s work ethic as anybody. “One of the things that amazes me all the time about Floyd is that he works and trains like he’s never made a dime in boxing,” said Ellerbe. “It’s incredible to see a man who has made a couple of hundred million dollars in this business pushing himself the way he does. He’s a perfectionist.”

To listen to the promoter speak of Mayweather’s incredible training efforts, you’d think that Alavarez will have no chance in September. “An off day for him is when someone might catch him with a jab.” Ellerbe added, “And if they do, he’s angry, and he’s got to figure out why and fix it. He’s so hard on himself.”

Veteran boxing writer Kevin Iole recently described the astonishment that Mayweather’s work ethic leaves boxing industry veterans with. Iole wrote the following about Money’s training efforts:

Across the ring, former world champion Cornelius Boza-Edwards, who runs the gym, sidles up to a familiar face. He watched the last few minutes of Mayweather’s workout with an almost stunned look on his face.

“Did you see that?” Edwards said. “I’ve been around boxing for many, many years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m totally serious when I say this, but he’s ready to fight tomorrow.

“He started on Monday, and it was like he’d been here for six weeks already. I honestly can say that in all my years in boxing, I haven’t seen a thing like it.”

> on June 11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.The praise for Mayweather doesn’t stop here. Al Mitchell, who coached him 17 years ago on the 1996 Olympics team, was also at a recent workout. He said, “What he’s doing now, dominating this era, it’s kind of like Sugar Ray Robinson, and what he did in his era. The big guys, they all have their time. Sugar Ray had his time. Muhammad Ali, Ray Leonard, they had theirs.

“Roy Jones, of course, but Roy wasn’t skilled like Floyd. He was just so fast, and we knew that when the speed went, well, you know. But Floyd, he was a very coachable guy and he always wanted to be good. What people don’t realize about him is how competitive he is. He’s always worked so hard on the smallest things. He learned very early in his boxing life that the small things mean a lot. And now, you’ll see him do moves in there that are, to tell you the truth, extremely hard, but he makes ’em look easy.”

Despite the positive reinforcement from Mitchell and others, most boxing purists don’t place Mayweather with legends like Sugar Ray, Ali and Leonard. The general consensus is that he’s a great boxer, but has no other greats in his generation to push him to the top.

But even with this being said, one can’t penalize Mayweather for going undefeated and taking a fight against Alvarez that many thought he wouldn’t take. With no competition in his own division, Money decided to battle the top guy in a larger weight class. Whether this helps his cause remains to be seen, but at least Mayweather is doing everything he can both in and out of the ring to further his place in history.

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