Earl Thomas Injury Nixes Trade to Chiefs

earl-thomas-seattleSeattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas broke his leg during Sunday’s matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. The All-Pro safety will now be out for the rest of 2018 and heads into the off-season with an uncertain future.

Thomas isn’t the only one who will be missing out, though, due to his injury. The Seahawks were apparently on the brink of completing a deal to send him to the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport said that Seattle came down on their asking price, which made this almost a done deal.

“Here is how it went going into Sunday: From what I am told, the Seahawks wanted two second-round picks, actually lowered their price to one second-round pick,” Rapoport said.

“The Kansas City Chiefs were then in the process of freeing up money, creating salary cap space to make room for Thomas’ $8.5 million salary.

“This is something that likely would have happened, and Earl Thomas would have been a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. He just needed more time.”

What would Thomas Have Brought to the Chiefs?

Rapoport noted that the Chiefs weren’t looking to give Thomas a long-term contract. But they were hoping to get one of the top safeties in football as a one-year rental.

He would’ve immediately bolstered a defense that’s strong enough as it is. Furthermore, he’d have formed one outstanding safety duo with Eric Berry, whenever Berry can play again.

earl-thomas-seahawksThe only issue here was that the Chiefs needed to make $6.6 million in cap space available. They would’ve had to make some additional moves to free up this money. Nevertheless, they were willing to do so in order to bring in Thomas.

Seattle, meanwhile, would’ve gotten a second-round pick. The Seahawks are no longer a serious Super Bowl contender, meaning they need all the young talent they can get moving forward.

Rapoport notes that the Seahawks never considered sitting Thomas until the deal was completed. After all, both sides still needed time to work through the details.

“I don’t want to make it seem like it was something that was going to happen in a matter of hours,” the insider explained.

“It would have taken some time, but when two sides get close to a trade and you sort of know it’s going to happen, the Chiefs could have cleared cap space relatively quickly.

“I have not heard any consideration of sitting Thomas, but it’s probably something that could have happened in a matter of days or weeks.”

Thomas Extremely Unhappy about the Situation

Earl Thomas held out briefly to start the season, because he wanted an extension. However, he returned to the team and paid the price after breaking his leg, which will leave him without a deal entering the 2019 offseason.

Thomas flipped off the Seattle sidelines as he was carted off the field. This was likely meant for the team’s front office, which never gave him an extension.

He’s no doubt played his last game in Seattle. That said, it’ll be interesting to see where Thomas goes in the 2019 campaign. As for Seattle, they get nothing in return for their All-Pro.

This is a tough pill to swallow when considering that they could’ve instead received a second-round pick. Perhaps Thomas got his revenge on the franchise in a roundabout way, although it’s not currently benefiting him either.

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