World Series Gambler Wins $14 Million by Letting Winnings Ride

dogers-game-6The Houston Astros won their first World Series title by beating the LA Dodgers in seven games. But the biggest winner of all may be a mysterious bettor who won $14 million by betting on the World Series.

Sports betting entrepreneur RJ Bell has kept tabs on this gambler and their winnings. And Bell said that the bettor let their winnings ride for the first six games. Even after hitting $8 million in profits, the anonymous person let their payout ride on the Dodgers (-126) winning Game 6.

Bell was very active on Twitter regarding this big winner, giving followers updates along the way. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have many details on the actual person, other than that they live in Eastern Europe and are under 30 years old. Given the anonymity, the bettor has simply become known as “Sir Let It Ride.”

Vegas lines were allegedly flipped as soon as Sir Let It Ride walked into a casino before Game 6. For example, he went into South Point Hotel Casino to find Houston as a -107 favorite and the Dodgers at +100.

But South Point officials quickly changed LA’s line to -150 to avoid losing as much money in case he won (which he did). Sir Let It Ride placed $250k on the Dodgers, and the odds were returned to their original state after he left.

This part of the story has sparked a war of words between Bell and Brent Musburger that’s still going on.

Scary Game 6 for Sir Let It Ride

It seemed like Sir Let It Ride might lose $8 million on his Game 6 Dodgers bet. The Astros’ George Springer hit a solo home run, and Houston starting pitcher Justin Verlander was doing great.

However, LA touched up Verlander for two runs in the bottom of the sixth to take a 2-1 lead. The Dodgers’ bullpen then played their best of the season to pitch four shutout innings and force a Game 7. The end result is that Sir Let It Ride built his winnings to $14 million with the LA victory.

Walking Away in Game 7

south-point-sportsbookAfter letting his winnings ride for six straight games, the big question is whether or not the bettor would risk everything once again. However, he chose not to put the $14 million back on the line and instead walked away.

While this may not have been the media’s favorite move, it was the smart thing to do. And this is one of the biggest sports betting wins that we’ve heard of.

Bell tweeted that Sir Let It Ride isn’t a regular in Vegas. In fact, the only betting history he has in Sin City includes a few big wagers on the UFC. And Bell’s tweet indicates that he’s done very well in this arena too.

Pure Luck or Genius?

It’s hard to win 55% of your bets, let alone go 6-for-6 in one of the world’s largest sporting events. That said, it’s a wonder if this bettor simply went on an incredibly lucky streak or if they’re some kind of prodigy.

Odds are that this person wouldn’t be able to duplicate this streak in the World Series again if they were given 100 tries. But they still have a talent when considering both their World Series and UFC results.