2016/17 NFL Futures: Broncos must give This for Kaepernick

colin-kaepernickJust last month, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50, giving Peyton Manning the perfect send-off into retirement. But Manning won’t be the only quarterback gone from last season’s championship squad since backup/part-time starter Brock Osweiler recently signed a 4-year, $72 million deal with the Houston Texans.

Having no veteran QB on the roster definitely puts a damper on Denver’s chances of repeating. We at GTBets.eu currently have them at 7:1 odds of winning the AFC Championship in our 2016/17 NFL futures (behind New England at 7:2 and Pittsburgh at 9:2 odds). We also have Denver at 14:1 odds of winning Super Bowl 51 next year, putting them behind New England (15:2), Pittsburgh (17:2), Seattle (9:1), Green Bay (10:1), Carolina (10:1) and Arizona (12:1).

But all this could of course change for Denver if they can land San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick this offseason. Kaepernick requested a trade one day after Chip Kelly was named head coach and it appears that the franchise might be willing to grant his wish. But it won’t be cheap for any team to get Kaepernick away from San Francisco because they know he has some definite value.

According to reporter Michael Silver, Denver could end up having to give up either a second or third-round pick. Here’s a look at Silver’s tweets:

1) What I just reported on @nflnetwork¬†re Broncos: Colin Kaepernick is their chief target. I believe they will go after him via trade…

2) The 49ers likely want a second-round pick; Broncos may be willing to part with a third. The dance continues.

3) I’m told Kaepernick is likely willing to restructure contract to Broncos’ liking… Though, to be fair, it is somewhat team-friendly…

Kaepernick may have had a down season last year, however, he’s definitely preferable to the subpar list of QB’s that are available this offseason, which is headlined by Sam Bradford, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Chase Daniel.

Of course, it’s not like Kaepernick lit up the league before he was benched mid-season in favor of Blaine Gabbert. Kaepernick had his worst season as a starter, accumulating just 1,615 passing yards, 256 rushing yards, 6 TD passes and 5 INT’s in nine games. This pales in comparison to the 2014/15 campaign, when he amassed 3,369 passing yards, 639 rushing yards, 19 passing TD’s and 10 INT’s.

But a second or third-round pick is a fairly high price to pay for a guy whom the Niners definitely want to move. However, if Silver’s report is indeed accurate, then the two sides aren’t very far apart on what pick would be sent to San Francisco.

Assuming Kaepernick were to land in the Mile High City, it could be a perfect fit. After all, he thrived for three seasons on a Niners team that featured a good run game and very strong defense. This is exactly the situation that Kaepernick would be walking into with Denver. Plus, he’d be playing in Gary Kubiak’s system, which features most reads on one side of the field and lots of bootlegs – two factors that’d play into Kaepernick’s strengths.

From a betting standpoint, this would make the Denver Broncos an interesting pick to win Super Bowl 51. They do, after all, have an excellent defense and strong run attack. Adding Kaepernick would give them a great athlete under center would can make big plays.

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