Mike Trout – AL MVP and Weather Geek

mike-trout-weatherMuch is known about Mike Trout’s baseball career, which includes an American League MVP award, a career .303 BA and 131 homers. However, what isn’t so well known about Trout is that he’s obsessed with the weather, so much so that he’d probably be a weatherman if he weren’t one of the world’s best baseball players.

Jim Cantore, the famed on-camera meteorologist at the Weather Channel, can verify Trout’s obsession with the elements, discussing how the All-Star once tweeted him about a snowstorm that was headed for New Jersey.

“All of a sudden, I get this direct message from Mike Trout,” recalled Cantore. “He’s asking me about the storm. Not like, ‘Hey, Jim, it’s Mike.’ He just went right into the details. He was genuinely curious about what the models said.”

Cantore, a Yankees fan, thought it was amusing to find out that Trout was such a weather geek. And much like Cantore, Trout’s love of the weather began due to his dad and wanting to avoid school.

“I was young, and I always wanted to get off school,” said Trout. “So I’d ask, ‘When’s the snowstorm coming?’ I was the kid in class who would see snow out the window and start looking at it and want to play with it.” Trout’s dad would further fuel this weather obsession by taking his son skiing, where they could see snow falling from the mountaintop.

mike-troutPerhaps yet another reason why the reigning AL MVP loves different weather so much is because he saw one type for a large portion of his life. Trout was born in Los Angeles (before moving to New Jersey) and now lives in Laguna Beach, on a private beach far away from the snow.

Still, the 24-year-old can’t help but chase the bad weather sometimes when he gets the chance. For instance, during spring training in Arizona, he once drove to Flagstaff because he saw that they were about to be covered in snow.

Apparently the Weather Channel is highly interested in Trout’s fascination with the weather. And they’ve floated the idea of him having a part-time correspondent gig with them whenever he’s staying at his Millville, New Jersey home for the winter.

“We’re planning on me doing a story when there’s a big storm in Jersey,” Trout said. “I’m gonna be on the Weather Channel. Hopefully, we get a big snowstorm. A sick vacation for me. would be to go to upstate New York when a big snowstorm hits.”

Cantore is equally excited about the prospect of chasing storms in the future, and he’d like to be along for the ride.

“I definitely see this guy chasing tornadoes, standing in snowstorms,” he said. “And I hope I’ll be right there alongside him.”

But given that Trout is just 24 years old, he’s going to be chasing fly balls for a long time before he ever gets serious about storms. The centerfielder has the stats to potentially win his second AL MVP award in a row, with a .295 BA, 33 HRs and 73 RBIs. His case will be helped out more if the 63-60 Angels can move up the AL West standings and make the playoffs.