US Men’s Soccer Betting: Chile tops USA 3-2


The US Men’s Soccer team looked like they were going to start 2015 with a bang as they took a 2-1 lead into the second half of an international match against Chile. However, they crumbled down the stretch and suffered … Continue reading

Cleveland Cavaliers are winning, and J.R. Smith is the Reason why


The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently on a seven-game winning streak and one obvious reason why is LeBron James’ return from an injury two weeks ago. A less-stated reason why: J.R. Smith’s move from New York to Cleveland. Since joining the … Continue reading

New LeGarrette Blount Conspiracy surrounds Patriots


Although Deflate-gate is far from a dead matter, it appears that the fallout from this scandal won’t affect the New England Patriots’ spot in Super Bowl XLIX. Regardless, it seems that the Patriots just can’t avoid the conspiracy theories as they … Continue reading

2015 Super Bowl Prop Bets


The Super Bowl isn’t just another football game for many reasons. And one of these reasons is the fact that this game gives bettors plenty of opportunities to make prop bets. Super Bowl XLIX will certainly be no different because … Continue reading

Will “Deflate-Gate” get Patriots Banned from 2015 Super Bowl?


Due to Spy-gate in 2007, both the media and NFL fans have little patience for any hint of cheating from the New England Patriots. And the Pats paid dearly for this scandal, with head coach Bill Belichick being fined $500,000 … Continue reading

2015 Super Bowl Betting


The 2015 Super Bowl is now set, with the Seattle Seahawks taking on the New England Patriots. There are very interesting stories behind both teams’ rise to Super Bowl XLIX, but for entirely different reasons. In the case of the Patriots, … Continue reading